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Halo Infinite: the creative director leaves Microsoft

Joseph Staten, the creative director of Halo Infinite, recently announced that he has left Microsoft to start a new adventure

Joseph Staten is a prominent figure within Microsoft that Xbox fans will surely know very well. In fact, Staten works closely with the company for over twenty years and also played the role of creative director of the latest Halo. Unfortunately, however, it now seems that the creative director of Halo Infinite is about to leave the Xbox world behind, since recently announced that it has effectively left Microsoft.

After Halo Infinite Joseph is preparing for a new adventure

Joseph Staten worked within Bungie since the dawn of the Halo series playing the role of cinematic director for all the cutscenes of the first three chapters. In addition she also played the role of lead writer per il primo Destiny, one of the company’s biggest hits. However, Joseph later left Bungie to help Microsoft manage its first-party titles and also collaborated with 343 Industries for creating the campaign Halo Infinite.

After all this time Joseph Staten suddenly decided to step away from Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean we won’t hear from him again. In fact, Joseph published a short post on Twitter in which he reveals that he is about to start a new adventure is that will be able to provide further details soon to all fans of his work.

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