Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail, the return online continues

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Libero mail e Virgilio Mail they are coming back online. The company Italyonline explains that the vendor whose technology caused the disruption this week fixed the bug. So soon all users will be able to use email services again, with a large number having already taken possession of them again.

Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail are back online

The company released a press release in which it explains: “We would like to update our users on the evolution of the situation. The fix activity on the operating system bug that generated the disruption has been completed by the vendor“.

The company explains that the problem is solved and everything will soon return to maximum functionality. “This means, for our users, that the gradual return to normal functioning of the Libero and Virgilio mailboxes continues. A part of our users has been able to return to having their e-mail available, while the remaining part will be able to gradually access and use the mailbox services in the next few hours. In these hours of return to normal, a slowdown in reopening is physiological due to the traffic load accumulated in recent days“.

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The company also assures users that it will not leave them alone. “We will continue to communicate through our touchpoints until the issue is resolved.” For a summary of what had happened, you can refer to the article in the link below.

The company also explains that if you have any doubts about any procedure regarding putting the servers back online, you can refer to the FAQ by Virgil from the Book.

Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail are then back online afterwards a complicated start to the week, in which the more than 9 million users have not had access to emails due to a bug in the operating system of a company supplier. In the next few hours, all users should have access to their email again.

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