license exam theory with news from 20 December

Patenti, cambia l'esame di teoria. Ecco tutto quello che c'è da sapere thumbnail

With a decree of 27 October of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, published on 9 December, the new modalities for the theory exam for obtaining the A and B licenses were defined. The move of the Ministry, which makes it more agile and fast the “written” test, is to be found in the desire to recover the time lost during the months of lockdown and reduce the time in the classroom of the candidates. In fact, many aspiring motorcyclists and motorists have been waiting for months, since they signed up, to be able to take the theory test. The Ministry ran for cover with the extension of the validity of the pink sheet, but apparently this measure is not enough. In fact, there are not a few who are in possession of the pink slip but have not been able to sustain the two tests (theory and practice) before its expiry.

The theory exam for A and B driving licenses: here are the news

The new rules are applied to those who will attempt the theory test to obtain the following licenses:

  • A1: motorcycle license for 16-year-olds up to 125 cubic cm of displacement, 11 kilowatts of power and power / weight ratio up to 0.1 kW / kg;
  • A2: motorcycles with power up to 35 kW and power / weight ratio up to 0.2 kW / kg;
  • A: motorcycles and tricycles;
  • B1: non-light quadricycles;
  • B: motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons;
  • BE: light vehicles towing non-light trailers.

No news for DE, C and CE licenses

The first change concerns the number of quizzes, which go from 40 to 30. Obviously, with this decrease in requests, the time available also decreases which will be 20 minutes against the current 30. And as expected, the number of possible errors also decreases, from 4 to 3. Practically if you make 3 mistakes you are promoted with 4 you are rejected.

The theory test however does not change in the modalities. As has been the case for years, the candidate will have to sit in the assigned seat, and after the recognition of the examiners or by the police, use a computer to answer the quizzes. For the latter procedure, the Ministry explains, the facial recognition of the candidate is being “activated”, another move to limit the time spent in the classroom of candidates and reduce bureaucratic times.

The new provisions for the theory exam will be active for all the offices of the Civil Motorization where the tests are held from Monday 20 December.

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