Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection è disponibile su Switch

Sharp festeggia il suo 110° compleanno

Good news for all lovers of titles signed by Square Enix, Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection is finally available on Nintendo Switch

We have therefore reached autumn, the days are getting duller and temperatures are dropping after a literally hot summer. So the best thing to do is get comfortable and dedicate yourself to a title like Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection with your Switch in hand. But let’s go ahead with some order.

Life is Strange: let’s take a look at the trailer for the Arcadia Bay Collection

At the beginning of this year we had mentioned the improvements of this series, but now it seems that Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection has also come up Nintendo Switch showing itself in all its splendor with a trailer that we leave you below.

It is therefore the first time that the title of Square Enix, including its sequel Before the Storm, arrive on the hybrid console of the Big N thanks to a full remaster operation for both titles with graphics, performance and character animations perfectly in line with Nintendo Switch standards.

The gameplay of this particular title, of which we leave our review of True Colors here, is definitely focused on narrative and consequences that each action of the characters has on the plot and on the ending (indeed on the endings since they are multiple). The collection for Switch is therefore in addition to the others already available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One e PC.

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