Life is Strange: True Colors, coming soon for Nintendo Switch!

Life is Strange: True Colors finally out on Nintendo Switch. The announcement comes from Square Enix

Il publisher di Life is Strange: True Colors, Square Enix, recently revealed the new release window for Nintendo Switch of the title developed by Deck Nine Games. In a tweet from the official account of Life is Strange, the announcement is combined with an image that serves to give us an idea of ​​how the release version for the Nintendo hybrid will be, with a slight reinterpretation of the protagonist Alex Chen.

Life is Strange: True Colors in uscita su Switch

It has been specified that the landing on Switch of Life is Strange: True Colors will arrive in December and will be exclusively digital, unfortunately making it impossible to purchase a physical copy. No mention has been made since Deck Nine Games o Square Enix about it. Surely this choice leaves many uncertainties for Life is Strange fans about the possible possibility of a future physical version of the game. It is still insecure for the Switch version, moreover, even the inclusion of the most recent DLC per True Colors, Wavelengths. Released 30 Sept.and for all other platforms, this prequel offered players the chance to delve into the story of Steph, who will accompany Alex through the events of the main game.

Finally, we will see also the release on Nintendo Switch Remastered Collection di Life is Strange, arriving on 1 February 2022, which will include the original Life is Strange, along with the prequel miniseries “Before the Storm“. This will obviously not lack graphic improvements that will include optimized lighting and character models entirely recreated to make the gaming experience of these chapters in a remastered version much better.

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