Life is Strange True Colors: released a trailer dedicated to the Wavelength DLC

The Wavelength DLC, set to hit the market shortly after Life is Strange True Colors, stars in a new trailer

A new trailer dedicated to Wavelength, the first DLC from Life is Strange True Colors, allows us to discover some details regarding the contents and the plot of the expansion. There exit date of this was set a short distance from that of the main game which, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch version, will reach the market next September 10.

Life is Strange True Colors: here is the trailer of the DLC

How can you learn from trailer, the protagonist of the Wavelength DLC will not be Alex (who is instead the main character of Life is Strange True Colors) but Steph. The latter, as we always guess thanks to the video, moved to Haven Springs to work as a DJ at the local radio station. Wavelength does not represent Steph’s first appearance, which was introduced in the Life is Strange saga under the prequel title Before the Storm. Even in the case of the story that sees her as the protagonist, we can speak of a prequel, as it takes place before the events narrated in True Colors. Also from the trailer we finally learn that the contents of the DLC are divided into 4 seasons.

The DLC release date has been set for the next one September 30th. Through the same message to which this appointment was announced, Square Enix (which is behind the development of all the titles of the franchise) has also communicated the postponement of the release of Life is Strange Remastered Collection. At the moment, the company has simply spoken of a postponement to 2022, but we expect to have more precise news soon.

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