Come una pergamena antica: il display arrotolabile di Samsung thumbnail

Like an ancient scroll: Samsung’s rollable display

Samsung Display presented at SID Display Week 2023 a new type of display that can be rolled up and unrolled vertically as if it were a parchment. A bright and modern OLED screen that opens like an ancient script.

Samsung Display announces a “scroll” screen

The display, called Rollable Flexhas a length of 49mm but can be extended up to 254.4mm. Five times larger than the starting position. All this thanks to aO-shaped tray which allows you to roll it up and unroll it easilyexplained the panel manufacturer at the 60th edition of SID Display Week.

When the display is unrolled, it can become a monitor for view various content, from multimedia to emails: a real full screen. While when rolled up, it can become a portable device with screen like a tablet or a laptop, indeed even more minute.

samsung scroll display screen min

Rollable Flex is one of many innovative products that the company will present at SID Display Week 2023an annual conference dedicated to the display industry, which will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 23-25.

Displays of all kinds

Another interesting product, designed for portable devices, is called Sensor OLED and is able to detect fingerprints anywhere on the screen. This makes it different from displays currently on the market they have built-in fingerprint sensors only in some specific areas under the panel. A huge convenience for a smartphone or tablet.

sensor oled min

Samsung Display stated that it has integrated the light detection sensors during the production of the display to cover the entire screen. These sensors read the OLED light reflected from the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels inside the fingers of both hands when touched and transform them into health information about them heart rate, blood pressure and stress level, the company said.

In addition, Samsung Display will also exhibit previously announced innovative displays, such as Flex Hybrid, which you can both fold and unroll. Another display will be Flex In & Out, which can be folded both inward and outward 360 degrees. The company has shown a prototype of a smartphone that uses this technology – which perhaps we could see in the upcoming Galaxy Z series.

display pieghevole samsung min

Samsung Display will also exhibit its latest model of 77-inch QD-OLED display targeted at high-end TVs boasting 2,000nits brightness.

And they won’t be the only solutions that the company will show in the United States. Proving that research on displays continues to bring solutions capable of surprising.

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