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Mini reveals some details about the styling of its future cars

MINI offers a preview of the innovative design of the upcoming family of new models completely electric: Charismatic Simplicity is the streamlined design language that focuses on the essentials. Each new MINI model acquires a strong individual character which is expressed in distinctive design details, while exuding individuality and a clear brand connotation. Sustainable materials are another essential part of the new design language.

Mini, the round OLED display of the new models combines tradition with the most advanced technology

At the heart of the visually reduced cockpit is the circular display of the central instrument cluster, a MINI icon, which will be reinterpreted in the form of a display OLED in the next model family. MINI is the first car manufacturer in the world to offer a touch display with a fully usable circular surface. The OLED display has a diameter of 240 millimeters and combines the functions of the instrument cluster and on-board monitor.

Il elegant design and the frameless appearance give it a particularly sought-after look. Touch control enables a completely new, minimalistic user interface that also controls the integrated infotainment and climate functions. With the purist dashboard serving as a stage for the circular central display, MINI continues the traditional design legacy of the classic MINI.

Mini introduces Spike, the digital assistant Bulldog, source MiniMini introduces Spike, the digital assistant Bulldog, source Mini

Mini, materials of sustainable inspiration for the steering wheel and seats of the new models

In addition to the central display, the steering wheel of the next model family has been radically redesigned. The standard version has a two-spoke design. Optional trim adds a distinctive finish in tissue as a third element, as well as a sporty geometry.

The upcoming family of new MINI models inspires with its variety of materials and colours high quality and sustainable products and innovative fabric designs. Vibrant Silver is a recurring chromatic detail, which adds a special touch with its metallic and shimmering appearance, both inside and out.

The range of seats is just as varied. A fresh combination of new colors and motifs combined with classic style elements such as the houndstooth motif creates a bridge between the past and the future. The laminated seat side panels have a particularly high-quality look and confirm the attention to detail. Like the armrests integrated into the seats for the first time, which contribute to the familiar atmosphere of the cabin.

The new wheel design favors dimensions and aerodynamics

Also alloy wheels light, completely redesigned, they follow the principle of the new formal language. The MINI wheels of the forthcoming model family no longer focus on the sculptural nature of the spoke structure, but on a graphic design characterized by strong color contrasts.

This creates an illusion of size, which is further emphasized by the outward pointing spokes. The more sober and two-dimensional design of the wheels helps to improve aerodynamic qualities and increase range thanks to its compact and two-dimensional design.

With these innovative design elements, MINI already hints at the revolutionary step that the principle of Charismatic Simplicity is taking. The new MINI design language combines quality, sustainability and puristic reinvention in a perfect synthesis with the historic brand DNA.

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