Lime launches the Gen4 electric bicycle in Milan

Lime lancia a Milano la bicicletta elettrica Gen4  thumbnail

Lime in Milan it launches its latest generation pedal assisted bicycle, the Gen4. Indeed, Lime offers a fleet of 2,000 bicycles. To complement the 750 scooters already present in the city. The updating of its bicycle offer is in the Milanese capital. This is thanks to new generation of vehicles represents an investment of 3.2 million euros.

The decision to replace its fleet comes in response to an ever-growing demand for electric bicycles. Resident demand is in January 2023 40% of rides year-over-year.

This achievement goes hand in hand with the development of cycle path infrastructure in the city. For this reason, Milan was the sixth city chosen by Lime to benefit from the transition to Gen4. There are following Paris, London, Rome, Washington e Sydney.

Globally, 2022 is the first full year of profitability and the best year ever for Lime. It is the first vehicle sharing company to achieve this goal. The launch of the new fleet represents a further milestone in the company’s commitment.

Above all for innovation and sustainability and to encourage Milanese citizens to favor zero-emission mobility. And at the same time marking a further leap in quality for the entire micro-mobility sector.

The latest generation of shared electric bicycles from Lime

The new green and white electric bikes feature significant updates. Lime bikes are ranked among the best shared electric bikes available globally. The most significant advance is the drums interchangeable – compatible even with Lime’s Gen4 scooters.

Thanks to this it will significantly increase the efficiency and sustainability of its operations. Thus while improving the availability of the vehicle for users.

Also, with the onset of scalability of swappable batteries and Gen4 vehicles globally, Lime expects a reduction in operating costs, fewer kilometers traveled by vehicles dedicated to positioning vehicles. And a greater reduction of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from its service.

Lime Gen 4, source Lime Press Office

Lime here is what the electric bicycle upgrades include

L’increase in engine efficiency to help users navigate even uphill sections with ease. A smartphone holder, which allows users to navigate and follow directions without having to stop and look at their phone.

The new handlebar display which mirrors that of the Lime scooters. For a standardized display on all vehicle types. There two-speed automatic transmission which eliminates the gears of the previous generation. Achieving easier acceleration and a smoother ride.

Finally a design modulare which extends the useful life to five years.

“The launch of our Gen4 electric bicycle is an important step toward realizing our mission to build a future where transportation is shared, accessible and carbon-free,” he said. Matteo Cioffi, General Manager of Lime Italia. “Standardizing our swappable batteries across modes of transportation is a step forward for Lime and the micromobility industry at large, making operations in Milan more efficient and sustainable while improving reliability for users. Last year we saw a massive increase in the use of Lime electric bicycles in cities, helping to fuel the boom in this segment globally. We can’t wait for the citizens of Milan to try the Gen4 electric bicycle as an alternative to the car”.

Early 2021 Lime announced a $50 million investment in Gen4 electric bicycles, which is supporting the rollout and scaling of the new vehicle.. Lime has successfully expanded its electric bike service to 50 cities around the world using existing electric bikes. Over time, Gen4 e-bike fleets will replace previous ones, as well as expand to new cities in 2023.

Lime is the only shared electric mobility company to design its vehicles internally with the same interchangeable and removable battery, so as to be able to integrate the most sustainable and innovative technology within the fleet.