Lime scooters in Rome put the plate

Lime, i monopattini a Roma mettono la targa thumbnail

The American company of scooters Limea Roma now put the targaso it can stay for others three years. The news is another twist for the world of Capitoline sharing.

Lime, scooters in Rome put the license plate, site source

Lime, the scooter revolution in Rome

After taking over Uber’s e-bike and scooter businesses. Lime the micromobility company now communicates theaward dell’public notice called to Roma for thecarrying out of the service Of scooters a rental.

The Adventure of Lime in the Eternal City continues. Above all, thanks also to the success of the sharing service. In fact, the data provided by the same company, almost communicate seven million trips from their launch in 2020with a saving 488 tons of carbon dioxide.

The agreement stipulated for the next three years gives Lime the possibility of expanding its presence and capillarity in one of the strategic cities for its service. The service will be performed with i Gen4 scooters which, compared to the previous ones, guarantee greater efficiency, safety, comfort and stability.

Lime, scooters in Rome are required to have a license plate

The norms however, in terms of sharing, in Rome there are now more severe. In fact, with the new public notice, the Roman council has cut the number of operators significantly. Besides Lime, in fact, there are only two other authorized operators: they are Dr e Bird. Excluding major operators such as Hellbiz e Voi Technology.

Not only that, now all scooters must be equipped with metal plates and users who want to register for the service, and therefore rent one, must necessarily provide an identity document during registration.

Lime, scooters in Rome put the license plate, site sourceLime, scooters in Rome put the license plate, site source

Finally, the scooters of the three operators will then have to be distributed equally in the fifteen municipalities of Rome.

Matteo Cioffi, General Manager Lime Italia, explains: “Lime is part of the daily life of residents of Rome, 84% of users declare that our service makes their life and their stay in the city easier. Since the first day, Lime has been working on a long-term project to make Rome more livableless hampered by traffic congestion and to complement the existing public transport network”.

“We are extremely proud to continue the our mission in the Capital and to provide its citizens with a safe, accessible and sustainable way to travel for the next 3 years, at least”.

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