LimeWire comes back to life: it becomes a marketplace on the web

LimeWire è tornato: ora è un marketplace per collezionisti thumbnail

The former peer-to-peer file sharing service was shut down in 2010, but 12 years later LimeWire is reborn as a marketplace for (digital) collectibles.

The second life of LimeWire

Dear nostalgics welcome to this time machine that will make you relive incredible memories: LimeWire he’s about to come back. But no, no more file downloads. The brand will be reborn in May – after closing in 2010 – in the form of a “marketplace for digital collectibles”. The new portal will specialize in music, art and entertainment. According to what reported by NME, the new platform will allow to “create, purchase and exchange digital collectibles without the technical cryptographic requirements of the current NFT landscape”. Initially focusing on music, the company aims to “bring digital collectibles into the mainstream” and aims to attract one million users in its first year. To achieve this, the company has promised “collaborations with leading artists in the music industry”.

The new LimeWire will reportedly allow music fans to purchase and trade a variety of “music related assets”. These could include limited edition versions of albums, pre-release music, unreleased demos, graphics, exclusive live editions, digital merchandising and backstage content.

We just have to wait for May, when an official announcement is expected that will tell us more about the new project. In the meantime, artists and creators interested in participating in the project can subscribe to the whitelist on the official website.

“We want to remove all these technical obstacles and make it easier for users to participate in art, while offering an exciting platform for cryptocurrency natives,” he says. Paul Zehetmayr, one of LimeWire’s two CEOs. The other, Julian Zehetmayrhe added:

“We are working to offer artists full flexibility and control of their content. LimeWire will not be an alternative to streaming platforms, but an additional channel for artists to sell exclusive music and works of art directly to collectors and fans ”.