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LinkedIn will offer its users artificial intelligence

Microsoft will also bring artificial intelligence to LinkedIn, having already revolutionized its Bing search engine. In fact, the company is working on new advanced tools that will exploit AI to help users with the main functions of the social network dedicated to the world of work. Here are the full details on that.

Microsoft Brings Artificial Intelligence to LinkedIn: Here’s How

Artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of LinkedIn. In fact, Microsoft intends to bring its AI technology to the social network as well. AI will be used for generate user resumes other than create job postings. The generated content, advises the company, will have to be reviewed to verify that everything is in order.

LinkedIn’s new AI tools will begin rolling out over the next few weeks for LinkedIn Premium users. The social subscription service, therefore, will become much more complete and interesting, now being able to take advantage of a series of new functions of great interest.

We’ll see how these AI tools will be implemented to help users use the social network. Over the next few months, it will certainly be possible to have clearer ideas on the matter. Certainly, Microsoft confirms its interest in AI-based tools, destined to play an increasingly important role for its services.

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