Naughty Dog: the studio’s next title decided

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It looks like Naughty Dog has decided on its next title. Let’s find out all the details in this news

While the success around the saga of The Last Of Us continues to grow, thanks also to the remake of the first chapter (by the way, find our review at this link), and to the appreciated TV adaptation, made by HBO, the acclaimed studio by Neil Druckmann now looks to the future. In fact, according to some recent statements that have emerged on the net, it seems that Naughty Dog has already decided what the next title to focus on will be.

Naughty Dog’s next title seems to be decided

According to Druckmann himself, Naughty Dog seems to have decided what the next title to work on will be. Knowing the quality level reached by the works of the American software house, these statements can only help create hype, but also a lot of curiosity about the project. This is also because the co-president of the company has decided not to go overboard on what the new game in development will actually be.

Naughty Dog: the studio's next title decided

At this point it is easy to give free rein to speculation. Whether it’s the infamous The Last Of Us Part 3, which has already been the focus of other rumors in the past? Or will the software house dedicate itself to something completely new, perhaps exploring new horizons? Expectations are certainly very high and only time will tell us if Druckmann and associates will be able, with their next work, to delight us with a new masterpiece. All that remains is to wait for official statements on the matter.

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