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LiquidityX Reviews, Low Cost Online Trading

LiquidityX is among the low cost brokers on the market today. However, the lower fees aren’t the only things that attract traders to its platforms

LiquidityX is among the low cost brokers on the market today. However, the lower fees aren’t the only things that attract traders to its platforms. Here are the main advantages and drawbacks of LiquidityX.


  • Zero commissions on trading stocks and ETFs online
  • Reduction of commissions and interest rates on margins
  • Highly intuitive trading programs
  • Access to different asset classes
  • Extensive teaching materials


  • Services are not accessible in some regions
  • Limited customization

Explanation of the pros

Zero commissions on trading stocks and ETFs online

LiquidityX is one of the few brokers that allows you to trade stocks and ETFs online. This is a significant financial respite for novice investors and active traders looking to invest in stocks and ETFs. LiquidityX’s no fee policy applies to long and short shares and all Exchange Traded Funds available on the platform.

Reduction of commissions and interest rates on margins

Other trades made on LiquidityX in addition to stocks and ETFs will attract different margin interest rates. However, the broker uses a tiered-based pricing mechanism that allows their clients to access multiple product offerings while keeping costs to a minimum. Furthermore, LiquidityX does not charge account minimums, control fees, account transfer fees and domestic wire transfer fees.

Easy to use trading tools and educational resources

LiquidityX offers desktop and mobile trading platforms for active traders and beginners. The programs integrate multiple tools and nearly similar trading functions for seamless navigation. LiquidityX’s desktop and mobile platforms put the user at the center of their projects, with convenient screens, research tools, financial calculators and educational programs that resonate well with most traders and investors.

Access to different asset classes

LiquidityX has continuously expanded its product offering to cater to different types of traders and investors. It boasts a large selection of traditional investments and new asset classes, with extras for both short and long term investors. This allows you to easily access particular assets that align with your investment goals.

H2: LiquidityX fees and commissions

LiquidityX has a relatively lenient policy regarding trading fees. The broker has no account minimums, control fees, domestic wire transfer fees, account closing fees, and inactivity fees. They also do not allow commissions on stock and ETF trading. In addition, brokerage margin interest rates are below the industry average. These waivers and lower spreads make LiquidityX one of the most affordable online trading platforms today. However, you should check the detailed fee structure to know the overall costs before taking any trades.

H2: What is the LiquidityX trading experience?

Trading platforms

Onboarding, order execution and trade tracking on LiquidityX are relatively easy and straightforward as its two platforms integrate similar functionality. The mobile and desktop versions provide identical asset classes and users can place orders directly from the platforms. The scope for customization is limited, but the programs have reliable tools and features to simplify the overall trading experience for all users.

This broker’s desktop and mobile platforms offer screening tools, search functions, and technical calculators to help narrow down the most suitable investment choices. Other standard tools and services include charts, price alerts, multi-leg options, trading idea generators, and news. It is also possible to place orders in the intermediate area to enter them later.


In addition to trading tools, LiquidityX also provides a wide range of educational resources for beginners, passive investors and active traders. Clients have access to various investor training programs, including tutorials, videos, webinars, and market reports that you can effortlessly search based on your investment goals, trading skills or topic of interest.

Product offering

LiquidityX boasts several investment products for retail traders and institutional investors. They emphasize a broad portfolio that caters to novice investors and active traders who need better access to more investment opportunities. Here are the products tradable on LiquidityX.

  • Actions
  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • ETFs
  • Options
  • Futures

All LiquidityX clients have access to long and short stocks, a solid selection of the best cryptocurrencies and currency pairs and other fixed income products.

Is LiquidityX global?

LiquidityX accepts traders and investors from different parts of the world eager to take advantage of its low-cost investment options, intuitive platforms, world-class educational programming and multiple asset classes to achieve better investment returns. However, their services are not available in some countries and regions. For more information, see the LiquidityX website here.

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