Little Fish: the series from today on Prime Video

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Pesci Piccoli is the new TV series by the comedy group The Jackal which is available today on Prime Video: let’s find out the details of the plot and episodes together

Little Fishes – An agency. Lots of ideas. Low budget, is the new series signed by The Jackal, the comedy group that has established itself on the web and over the years is slowly conquering the world of television, with hosting entertainment programs, participating in various programs such as Beijing Express and Lol and now with a TV series. A TV series available on Prime Video that develops in a total of six episodes and that already from the title you can guess that it intends to deal with the main topic, or rather the world of communication, in an ironic way.

Little Fish: Little Fish: the series from today on Prime Video

We find ourselves in a communication agency, which, as the title suggests, has to be satisfied and therefore focuses on less prestigious clients, the “small fish” in fact. The reference style with which it is filmed is the one that mixes the sit-com genre and that of the mockumentary, or the false documentary, in the wake of some successful series, like The Office which is explicitly honored in the fourth episode. There will also be episodes of pure drama style and totally absurd episodes: Pesci Piccoli therefore seems to experiment a lot in each episode, having fun in different genres. The cast is complete with Fabio Balsamo, Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone, Ciro Priello and Martina Tinnirello making her debutalongside them also some guest stars such as Achille Lauro, Herbert Ballerina, Giovanni Muciaccia, Gabriele Vagnato, Valentina Barbieri.

So we just have to watch this series which certainly takes up a genre that explores the “behind the scenes” that we have already seen this year resume with the Italian reboot Call my agent on Sky which has had some success due to the great Italian stars who took part in it. Let us know what you think of Pesci Piccoli if you watch it and keep following for all the updates on cinema and TV series

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