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Little Nightmares 3: New Potential Release Details?

In the last few hours, some details have been leaked on the web that would hint at a potential release of Little Nightmares 3

The franchise of Little Nightmares has given rise to two excellent games back to back and has received a great deal as a result success of critics and audiences, with Bandai Namco recently confirming that the series has overall sold beyond 12 million units until today. With similar results, it is reasonable to assume that the company has other projects in store for the future of the series, and certainly the work for the future seems to be already underway. Recently, in fact, there has been talk of a potential on the web uscita per Little Nightmares 3. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Little Nightmares 3: Bandai Namco’s job announcement gives hope for a future release?

This is what emerges from a job announcement recently published by Bandai Namco on LinkedIn. The post is about an internship position like assistant producer for the Little Nightmares IP at Bandai Namco Europe, and basically reports that the candidate will join the team responsible for the franchise in question within the company. This would therefore give hope for a possible future release of Little Nightmares 3.

Little Nightmares 3: New Potential Release Details?

The first two chapters were developed by the Swedish team Tarsier Studioswhich however was acquired by Embracer Group in 2019. Shortly after it was confirmed that the Little Nightmares IP would remain the property of Bandai Namco and that future episodes would not be developed by Tarsier. Tarsier, meanwhile, is currently working on its own new IP under the ownership of Embracer Group.

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