Little Nightmares: The game is free on Steam

Little Nightmares]The masterpiece developed by Tarsier Studios, and distributed by Bandai Namco, which goes by the name of Little Nightmares, is offered for free on Steam, and can be redeemed and kept forever by tonight at 7pm.

Little Nightmares, the dark-toned platformer masterpiece by Tarsier Studios is on offer for free on Steam. The game, at the time of its release, won critical acclaim, taking home the prize of Indie Awards at Gamescom 2016. For those unfamiliar with the title, in Little Nightmares, players take on the role of a girl named Six who is trapped in a prison called The Maw. Six’s goal will be to escape while avoiding the terrifying creatures that will appear in front of her. If you want to check out our review below, you can do it here.

How long will Little Nightmares be free on Steam?

Little Nightmares is free on Steam this week, exactly until 7pm today. So, for those who want to play it but have never had the chance, it will be a must to hurry up to take advantage of this very tempting offer. There is also a sequel to Little Nightmares, called Little Nightmares 2, which in some ways was even more successful than its predecessor: clearly, if you are interested in the title by seeing the second chapter, you will need to redeem (and play) first of all the first chapter, so as to subsequently understand all the various references.

Little Nightmares: The game is free on Steam

As mentioned above, the offer remains valid solo per Steam (consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox and Switch are therefore excluded) until 7 pm tonight, so if you are interested, you should hurry. That said, if you want to stay updated on all the most important offers and news regarding the world of video games, stay tuned to the pages. If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.