Lockdowns in China slow the arrival of new laptops

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According to reports from the manufacturer of laptop XMGthe new laptops with chip Intel, AMD e Nvidia will be delayed by the lockdowns in China, which slow down supply chain. The manufacturer explains that the new generation of processors and graphics cards may debut later than expected. A reality that in all likelihood will not be the only one to experience: the delays and the rise in prices could be general.

XMG: laptop overdue due to supply chain problems

The manufacturer XMG has communicated that i lockdown in China to contain the Omicron variant will have an impact on the production of its new laptops. In fact, the production of 12th generation Intel processors and the new Nvidia Ti graphics cards that debuted in early 2022 it will be slowed down.

According to the manufacturer, the closure of some factories a Suzhou in the east of the country it acts as a bottleneck for the production of new computers. If last year the biggest problems were with desktop PCs, this year it seems that laptops can also suffer from this problem. Leading to delays and, in all likelihood, higher prices.

XMG explains that the closure also creates logistical problems. For example the DHL hub of area would no longer be able to handle deliveries and shipments due to health restrictions. In addition, some pressing problems remain true, such as the lack of integrated circuitsa problem set to continue at least until 2023. Furthermore, it appears that the use of contaminated chemicals in plants Kioxia (prima Toshiba) e Western Digital led to the recall of 6.5 exabytes of SSD memories unusable. That should increase costs by 10% for producers.

“We are currently receiving daily updates from our partners and suppliers regarding late deliveries. Sometimes, it takes several weeks, ”he explains Tom Fichtner, Senior Product Developer of XMG. “Although we unveiled the new OASIS-cooled XMG NEO 15 (E22) earlier this year and expect delivery by mid-March, other laptops such as the new XMG Fusion or the new XMG PRO line with 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs are still outstanding”.

The situation is evolving but it seems complicated. And in all likelihood it won’t be just about XMG. We will keep you posted.