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Unveiled the latest expansion of Legends of Runeterra: here is An Unexpected Journey

New content coming to Legends of Runeterra: the latest is now available expansion of the title, An Unexpected Journey. Let’s find out all the details together.

The latest expansion of Legends of Runeterra: An Unexpected Journey

The latest expansion of Legends of Runeterra contains 48 collectible cardsincluded four new champions and two new keywords: Fellow worker e Formidable. Over the course of the past week they were unveiled all cards introduced in An Unexpected Journey. By browsing one of the galleries below, you can discover the full list and start designing your decks.

Fellow worker: support your units in a whole new way. Units with Link can be played on the board as a normal unit, or they can be linked to an allied unit, giving that unit the stats and keywords of the linked unit. Using Link counts as targeting an allied unit and triggers effects such as Destiny.

Formidable: Formidable units convert their size into strength, striking with their current Health instead of their Power. These units will feel the brunt of constant clashes with enemy units, so be sure to keep Formidable units healthy to make the most of them.

Four new champions available:

  • Gnar is the first Legends of Runeterra champion with the ability to transform between level 1 and level 2. Draw cards with his curious level 1 shape and then destroy the enemy Nexus by moving to level 2.
  • Yuumi is one of the most unique support champions to date and revolutionizes game strategies. It can be played alone as a normal unit, or it can be linked to an allied unit to grant it additional stats and abilities.
  • Udyr summons the wild spirits of the Freljord to change positions and provide upgrades for himself and his allies. The team also had the opportunity to develop a unique design for Udyr.
  • Galio he is the vigilant protector of Demacia. Gives additional Health to his allies and makes full use of his size with the new keyword Formidablewhich allows him to take on powerful enemies using Health instead of Power.

Arcade Battle Event and Final Veigar Boss: The Arcade Battle event brings the Arcade and Battle Boss aspects to Legends of Runeterra, as well as a Pass Evento with a new PvE addition. Players who purchase the premium Event Pass and complete it will have the option to fight against a super powered AI version by Veigar Boss Finale. For more information you can consult the official website.

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