Logitech annuncia Logitech Brio 500 e Zone Vibe 100, i nuovi alleati per il lavoro ibrido thumbnail

Logitech announces Logitech Brio 500 and Zone Vibe 100, the new allies for hybrid work

Logitech announces two new product series able to meet the new needs of the hybrid work: we are talking about the range of webcam Brio 500 and of Zone Vibe headphones. Let’s find out all the details of these new products together.

Logitech Brio 500 and Zone Vibe 100: products suitable for hybrid work

A recent study showed that over 89% of people who work from home have to deal with various problems. Unconvincing anglesconditions of poor lightinglimitations of the visual field when using a laptop’s built-in camera are just a few of the many problems faced on a daily basis.

But don’t worry because the new Logitech products have been created specifically to simplify your work, eliminating any kind of problem. The webcam Brio 500 not Zone Vibe headphones they have in fact been designed to support users who work from home, even carrying innovation and a touch of modernity in work and leisure experiences.

Scott WhartonGeneral Manager of Logitech Video Collaboration, said:

“Many users, both remote and hybrid, are still poorly equipped and struggling with solutions from the pre-pandemic period. Our innovative range of Brio webcams and Zone Vibe headsets meet the demand of modern workers who need quality, style and accessibility for work and play. Revolutionary features like Brio’s ‘Show Mode’ open up new sharing opportunities for teachers, designers and creatives, who can easily display physical objects, notes and sketches remotely via video. “

The Logitech Brio 500 webcam, unmatched quality

Zone Vibe 100 logitech tech princess

The Brio 500 series was created for those who want one audio quality e professional-grade videomaggiore customization and an experience more engaging in video calls. Brio 500 is the new range of webcam which solves the most common problems of videoconferencing. The new line of Logitech introduces the function Show Modewhich makes it easy to share sketches or other physical objects on your desk.

Also, thanks to an innovative mounting system and to a integrated sensor which allows users to tilt the camera down to focus on objects, Brio 500 automatically flips the image to return the correct orientation in video calls. The news, however, does not end there.

Brio 500 also boasts technology RightSightenabled through Logi Tune, which automatically frames the user, even when it moves. Plus, built-in features like RightLightautomatically correct the lighting.

The webcam range is available in three trendy colors: graphite, off white e rosawhich will allow you to customize the workstation according to your personality and style.

Le Cuffie Logitech Zone Vibe

The Serie Zone Vibe Logitech is instead composed of three models: Zone Vibe 100, Zone Vibe 125 e Zone Vibe Wireless. Available in graphite, off white and pink, they combine professional-grade performance with comfort, style and affordability.

Logitech headphones are designed to deliver the maximum comfort, both to collaborate with colleagues remotely and to connect with friends. Plus these lightweight over-ear headphones weigh only 180 grams and are equipped with a soft knitted fabric to the touch e memory foam.

For i team IT that equip the workstations of employees, in the office and at home, the Brio series – known on the business market by the name Brio 505 – is plug-and-playcompatible with most videoconferencing platforms and certified for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet e Zoom. The integration of Logitech Sync con Brio 505 allows IT administrators to update the firmware e solve various issues, so that workers in hybrid mode can continue to collaborate with each other.

In addition, the Zone Vibe Wireless headphones offer employees a professional-grade audio, very easy to use and stylish too. These new webcams help workers get their jobs done smoothly and quickly, especially during this hybrid era. They are indeed professional for the office but also perfect for working from home.

Logitech Brio 500 and Zone Vibe: sustainability first

We know that Logitech cares a lot about sustainability; this can be seen in most of its products. The Brio 500 series and the Zone Vibe headphones are no exception: the devices are in fact certified carbon neutral, which means that the carbon footprint of the products was reduced to a minimum.

This was possible thanks to the investments by Logitech in projects of compensation e removal emissions. The plastic parts of the Brio 500 include certified post-consumer recycled plastic: il 68% for graphite coloring and the 54% for the off white and pink version. The Zone Vibe headphones are instead made using at least the 25% recycled plastic.

Finally, both product ranges are packed with paper from FSC certified forests and from other controlled sources.

Prices and availability

Let’s talk now about availability and prices. The series of webcam Brio 500 not Zone Vibe 100 headphones e 125 will be available starting from September 2022. The Zone Vibe Wireless headphones will instead be available starting from November 2022. Below are the sales prices.

  • Brio 500 webcam, available at the price of 139 euro;
  • Zone Vibe 100 (available in 3 colors graphite, off white e rosa), available at the price of 119 euro;
  • Zone Vibe 125 (only available in the variant anthracite), available at the price of 134,99 euro.

The two products designed for the B2B market, Logitech Brio 505 e Zone Vibe Wirelessavailable in colors anthracite e rosawill be available at the price of 139 euro. For more information on Logitech’s new products, see the official site.

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