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Cam 2, the new latest generation monitor from Owlet

Owlet, technology lifestyle brand for parents, announced the new and optimized Owlet Cam 2, the latest innovation from the brand to help children and parents sleep better. Let’s find out all the details together.

Owlet Cam 2, the latest generation optimized monitor

Owlet Cam 2 is the company’s next generation monitor, which complements the current one video HD a 1080p with brand new features. With the new Cam 2, parents will be able to access clip video e audio recordings of the bedroom. In addition they will also have the option of monitor the temperature e humidity of the room. The innovative technology of Owlet allows in fact to have a general picture of the child’s well-being and ensures parents that the environment is always optimal for sleep.

Thanks to the new generation video monitor Owlet Cam 2 HD 1080p parents can monitor their baby from anywhere. The device also allows you to pick up unnoticeable signals and the child’s behavior patterns, monitoring the videos and anticipating his hypothetical agitation.

Also, thanks to the app Owlet Care parents will receive notifications for every single movement, cry o other sounds coming from the room. Cam 2 is now available in a stylish new color Sage greenin addition to the classic white.

The news, however, does not end there, because the new Cam 2 integrates perfectly with the award-winning Owlet Smart Sock: the products are available individually and also in a convenient format Monitor Duo. Lo Smart Sock e l’App Owlet Care they allow to monitor the oxygen level and the heart rate and send an immediate notification if the child’s values ​​leave the predetermined zones. THE

Finally, the smart sock allows you to keep track of total hours sleptof number of awakenings and of overall sleep quality. Lo Smart Sock (€339), the Cam 2 (169 €), and the Monitor Duo can be purchased through the official site.

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