Logitech diventa più green: cresce l

Logitech becomes greener: the use of recycled plastic is growing

Logitech announced the achievement of a important milestone in the green field. In fact, the company has reached e exceeded the goals of reusing post-consumer PCR recycled plastic in its products. 65% of devices in Logitech’s Creativity & Productivity division, the benchmark of the company’s entire product range, have already used large-scale PCR plastic for some time, exceeding the target set last year by 50%.

Logitech achieves an important goal for recycled plastics and is getting greener

Over the past few years, Logitech’s use of recycled plastics has grown dramatically, making the company greener. About 8,000 tons of virgin plastic was eliminated from Logitech products in 2021 alone. In this way, the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere for the entire life cycle of the products swere reduced by 19 thousand tons.

The program that focuses on the growth in the use of PCR plastics is part of Logitech’s Design for Sustainability mission which has developed new techniques to obtain a high level of quality even from recycled plastics. The actual percentage of recycled plastic depends on the type of product and ranges from 75% to 20%. Full details on Logitech’s sustainability initiatives can be found in the Sustainability Report 2021

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The company comment

Prakash Arunkundrum, Head of Global Operations and Sustainability di Logitech, declares: “We are taking significant steps to challenge the traditional way of doing business by providing innovative solutions in terms of raw materials, packaging and circularity to reduce the impact of our company. Our ultimate goal is to promote a positive impact on the environment and society by sharing our approach with companies in our sector. “

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