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OlliOlli World is finally available

Private Division and Roll7 are proud to announce that OlliOlli World is now available in digital format for Nintendo SwitchTM, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC (via Steam).

The acclaimed platform skateboarding game from Roll7, award-winning developer and BAFTA award winner, marks a bold new direction for the celebrated OlliOlli franchise. In OlliOlli World, players will be able to dive headlong into the vibrant and colorful world of Radlandia, in search of the mystical Skate Deities on their way to Gnarvana.

OlliOlli World’s proven gameplay offers a perfect balance between focus and relaxation, while precise controls ensure a smooth and natural gaming experience. Radlandia, with its strange and picturesque landscapes, welcomes everyone with open arms, allowing new players to devour the road by performing the most deadly grabs without the risk of ending up smashed to the ground, and gradually illustrating the most epic tricks as they explore the varied and bizarre play areas.

“OlliOlli World is based on some fundamental aspects of skateboarding such as diversity, freedom and fun”, said Simon Bennett, Roll7’s deputy director of the study. “Inclusiveness and expressiveness are factors intimately connected to the practice of skateboarding, and with Radlandia it was our intention to create a place where everyone could feel accepted.”

OlliOlli World offers countless ways to express your personality, thanks to a rich and varied range of customizations, which allows players to be whoever they want. Plus, thanks to the wide variety of poses, skate tricks and clothing items to unlock and select, everyone will have the opportunity to show off their style to the full.

“OlliOlli World combines an inimitable graphic style, a gameplay with maximum fluidity and a crazy soundtrack in a love letter to the culture of skate”, said Michael Worosz, executive vice president and head of the Private Division. “The release of OlliOlli World marks a new and exciting start for Roll7, which recently joined the Private Division family.”

In addition to the single-player campaign, OlliOlli World includes two asynchronous multiplayer modes: League of Gnarvana and Portal of Gnarvana. The League of Gnarvana is dedicated to those who love daily challenges and want to demonstrate their mastery with the skateboard, allowing players to compete against their peers and compete for the best score. As rivals progress through the leaderboard, they can get their hands (and feet) on new items for their character, including boards, wheels, and more. In the Portal of Gnarvana, players can generate original levels based on a certain range of parameters, including style, difficulty and length. Each creation provides a
8-digit player code to share with the world, which allows players to challenge each other to reach the highest score and share the results even on different gaming platforms.

Watch the official launch trailer for OlliOlli World now

OlliOlli World is now available in digital format for Nintendo SwitchTM, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC (via Steam) for € 29.99. Players can also purchase the OlliOlli World Rad Edition, a deluxe version of the game available for € 44.99. The Rad Edition includes the base version of the game, both future OlliOlli World expansions and the “Close Encounter Skateboard” digital cosmetic item.

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