Logitech For Creators svela la streaming light Litra Glow

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Logitech For Creators officially introduces Litra Glow. It’s about a streaming light premium equipped with technology TrueSoft. Thanks to the presence of a full spectrum LED light, Litra Glow by Logitech For Creators guarantees a perfect and natural balance for any type of beauty, facilitating “creators” in the creation of content for platforms such as YouTube or Twitch or even for video calls. .

Litra Glow is Logitech’s new streaming light

Litra Glow is the ideal solution for creators, ensuring an ideal balance of light during a video shoot. Thanks to the solution proposed by Logitech For Creators, making videos on YouTube and Twitch or starting a video call with the right lighting, at any time of the day and for any skin tone of the user will be really simple. Note that the device is compatible with Logitech G HUB software which allows full control of the various features.

Jasmine Apolinar, Product Manager di Logitech For Creators, declares: “Litra Glow with TrueSoft technology is the fastest way to enjoy a premium lighting experience on any setup. We designed Litra Glow to address some of the most common issues faced by streamers and creators, including lighting quality, shadows and eye strain from prolonged streaming sessions. “

Price and availability

Logitech For Creators Litra Glow is available in North America, Australia and some European countries starting in the month of January 2022. The streaming light can be purchased through the Logitech official store and at the best retailers at the recommended price of 69 euro.