Chris Martin: Coldplay exists thanks to Back to the Future

In a recent interview Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, talked about the importance that Back to the Future had in the formation of the band

he films Back to the Future is known by many as a real one cult of the 80s, appreciated for his ability to entertain, but also for the topics covered, through one veiled criticism of society of that era. We also cannot forget iconic objects and characters, like the time machine DeLorean or the odd scientist Doc, which are remembered even today and which have made this film one of the pillars of cinema.

Among the many fans of the trilogy, a well-known name has recently popped up, it is Chris Martin, leader of the band of Coldplay who, still a child, understood what his path had to be just by watching this 1985 film.

Chris Martin e l’intervista al “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

In a recent interview with the program “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the singer recalled with pleasure Back to the Future, dwelling on the scene in which Marty McFly, playing the guitar, sings Johnny B. Goode. Chris Martin confessed that it was that part of the film that made him want to start a band.

In 2016 Coldplay had the opportunity to play with Michael J. Fox, the interpreter of Marty McFly own the song Johnny B. Goode, on the stage of the MetLife Stadium. In recalling the story, Chris Martin enthusiastically stated:

For me number one is Michael J. Fox who introduced himself and played two songs on “Back to the Future” with us. It was wonderful. He played ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and other stuff, it was really cool.

Subsequently he then focused on the importance that the film had for him and on its origins:

I grew up in the English countryside, before the Internet. So I was recording the music from the tv. The first thing I recorded was a show called “A-Team”. I had a cassette deck and put it on the TV to record the theme song.

Coldplay, who have just released their ninth studio album, titled Music of the Spheres, they seem willing to record three more albums, for later conclude their discography in 2025 and devote himself exclusively to tours.

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