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Logitech G announces the G Cloud portable gaming console in the European market

Logitech G is the Logitech brand and leader in the gaming technology market. Today announces the much anticipated launch of the portable gaming console Logitech G CLOUD also in Europa starting from 22 May 2023. In addition to North America and Taiwan, the Logitech G Cloud will then be available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Logitech G Cloud, the console finally arrives in the European market

To celebrate the European launch, Logitech G has teamed up with its partners to offer a special bundle. It includes up to 6 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes Xbox Cloud Gaming, 1 month of NVIDIA GeForce NOW Priority and 1 month of Shadow PC. It will be available in select countries from May 22 to June 22, 2023, while supplies last.

Logitech G Cloud and new feature enhancements

Additionally, Logitech G has added several new features to improve performance based on consumer feedback, including:

• Virtual button mapping. The addition of the ability to map all physical controls to points on the screen allows gamers to play mobile games that don’t require controller support via G CLOUD’s built-in controls.

• Sensitivity and customization of analog stick travel. Increased sensitivity and customization of the thumb sticks, for greater control.

• Support for Shadow Cloud Computing technology. It allows gamers to seamlessly use G CLOUD to play a fully virtualized PC via the Shadow PC application, all from the cloud.

• Customize your playstyle with dead zone calibration. Fully customizable joystick and triggers (L2/R2) to achieve the perfect in-game balance.

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The main features of the console

Developed in collaboration with Tencent Games, Logitech G CLOUD allows gamers to play anywhere via Wi-Fi connection. Key features include:

• Remote Play, anywhere, anytime. Stream games from your console or PC with the Xbox app, Steam Link and other local streaming apps from the Google Play Store.

• Full HD—Large 7-inch full 1080p HD touchscreen delivers 60Hz refresh rate and full-screen 16:9 gaming experience.

• Precision controls — Performance matches the best controllers thanks to haptic feedback, gyroscope and remappable controls.

• High comfort — With a battery life of over 12 hours and weighing just 463g, gamers can enjoy extended gaming sessions.

• Sustainability – All Logitech G products are certified carbon neutral, which means that the carbon footprint of the product has been reduced to zero through Logitech’s investments in carbon offsetting and carbon removal projects. The packaging of this product is also made with paper from FSCᵀᴹ certified forests and other controlled sources.

• Extended Support – Hundreds of Android games are available through the extensive Google Play catalog. Access to the world’s top titles including Fortnite, League of Legends, Genshin Impact and more via NVIDIA GeForce NOW*; Minecraft Legends, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and more via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta)* and Shadow Cloud Computing technology.

Price and availableevil

The Logitech G CLOUD portable gaming console will be available on and on Amazon, Currys, Fnacin and MSH Electronics in May 2023 at a suggested retail price of 359 euros. +

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