Samsung Slim Fit: an intelligent and sustainable hob

Slim Fit con Assist Cook: il piano cottura intelligente e sostenibile di Samsung thumbnail

Samsung Electronics celebrates the fifth anniversary of the launch of its range of built-in appliances and presents for 2023 some innovations in the cooking sector. These are products that combine technology, performance and design, with an eye to sustainability. In fact, these appliances are designed to help a more ecological and economic way of life, reducing energy consumption and food waste. Among the novelties, the induction hob stands out Samsung Slim Fit con Assist Cookwhich offers several innovative features.

The features of Samsung Slim Fit with Assist Cook

Let’s start with the design: the top has a black glass finish with bevelled edges, which makes it elegant and refined. Furthermore, it has an ultra-thin thickness which allows it to be installed in any type of kitchen, from classic to modern. This solution it also allows you to gain space under the countertopwhere you can insert a drawer or other.

The concept of Slim Fit with Assist Cook is to offer more space in less space. This is also reflected in the cooking area: the hob has 4 selectable zones, including a double Flex XXL zone, which adapt to the number, shape and size of the pots. Plus, it has a Extended Dual Flex Zone Plus which covers the entire floor and increases the density of the heating elements. So you can cook evenly and simultaneously on multiple trays or pans.

Slim Fit with Assist Cook is also an intelligent and connected hob: thanks to wi-fi connectivity and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can help in preparing meals. Simply choose a recipe from the SmartThings Cooking App and send it to the hob. The hob will use the Assist Cook smart probe to automatically adjust the power of the zones and measure the temperature of the food, until it’s ready.

Finally, last but definitely not least, the eye on sustainability: Slim Fit with Assist Cook has a power limiter that complies with the domestic voltage standards of 3KWh, reducing electricity consumption.

Forno Samsung Dual Cook Steam Bespoke AI

Among the novelties it is definitely worth mentioning the oven Dual Cook Steam Bespoke AI by Samsung. It is an innovative oven that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer the best possible cooking experience.

Thanks to the AI ​​Pro Cooking function, the oven monitor your food with an indoor camera and automatically adjust the settings temperature, time and cooking methods, thus preventing the food from burning or drying out too much. Furthermore, with the Sense Inside function, the oven is able to recognize 106 types of different dishes and to suggest to the user the most suitable settings for each one. This function has been validated by UL Solutions, an independent organization that certifies the quality and safety of products.

The Dual Cook Steam Bespoke AI oven is available in two versions: Dual Cook with touch opening and Dual Cook or Dual Cook Flex with handle. The Dual Cook Flex version also allows you to divide the oven into two independent zones, so you can cook two different dishes at the same time. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of steam cooking and air frying to prepare healthy and tasty dishes.

Finally, Dual Cook Steam Bespoke AI is the protagonist of the new Samsung advertising campaign, which will be broadcast from 9 May to 10 June on the main TV channels and digital platforms. The commercial shows the daily life of a father who enjoys cooking for his little girl, experimenting with new recipes every day with his smart oven.