Logitech Pen: here is the new rechargeable stylus pen for Chromebooks

Logitech Pen: ecco la nuova penna stilo ricaricabile per i Chromebook thumbnail

Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) announces today Logitech Pen, the brand new K-12 stylus pen designed for Chromebook with touch screen, capable of supporting standards Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) and certification Works With Chromebook.

Designed in collaboration with students and educators, the Logitech Pen offers a new way to work and collaborate, with the goal of maximizing productivity. In fact, numerous research studies in the field of learning have shown that physically jotting down notes during a lesson can make a significant difference, considerably increasing the acquisition of new information.

“Students and teachers are increasingly using Chromebooks as their daily teaching tool. It is starting from this important fact that we have decided to develop Logitech Pen, to express the maximum potential of technological devices in the classroom “, he declares Michele Hermann, Vice President of Mobility and Head of Education Solutions di Logitech. “The device transforms the way students use their Chromebooks, making them essential tools for active learning. Creative note taking, annotation and sketching has never been easier and more intuitive, increasing the understanding and memorization of new information. “

The Logitech Pen features a comfortable, non-slip silicone grip and a well-sized design for children at all stages of motor development. The active tip features up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing students to create lines and characters more clearly and accurately, making this device the ideal companion for class work, homework, exams and more still.

Logitech Pen also thinks of all teachers, who will be able to take notes immediately and in real time on their Chromebooks. In addition, it is built to offer extreme protection against falls up to four meters and spills of liquids. Charging is also very easy: Using a USB-C charger, students and educators will always be ready for new lessons, with up to 15 days of battery life for standard school use.

Prices and availability

The Logitech Pen will be available from April 2022 on Logitech.com for the retail price of € 74.99.

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