Logitech Scribe: the whiteboard camera with artificial intelligence is coming out

Logitech launches a video collaboration solution: Scribe. Designed for whiteboards in workspaces and educational environments

Thanks to the launch of Logitech Scribe, the experience of participating in remote interactive sessions is certainly improved. This is a whiteboard camera with built-in artificial intelligence. The company’s new product will be compatible with major platforms such as Teams e Zoom and broadcast whiteboard content during video meetings with unbelievable clarity.

This is certainly a crucial moment in which workspaces and didactic environments are increasingly widespread. Logitech Scribe makes brainstorming,teaching and the meetings equally accessible and productive for all participants thanks to a design simple and suitable for everyone. In attendance attendees will be able to quickly and quickly share the whiteboard during video meetings by pressing a wireless button included with Scribe. Or. tapping the meeting room touch controller (such as Logitech Tap). For now, the wireless button works with Zoom Rooms, while support for Teams Room will arrive later this year.

Logitech Scribe: the whiteboard camera with artificial intelligence is coming out

Curiosity and price

Scott Wharton, General Manager and Vice President of Logitech Video Collaboration explained this new release as follows:

We worked tirelessly to solve the problem of providing high quality audio and video collaboration in both face-to-face and remote meeting rooms, but there was always the same problem with integrating analog content, such as whiteboards and Post-it notes.™, in virtual meetings. Logitech Scribe works because it takes advantage of what people already know how to do – pick up a marker and draw on a whiteboard. To date, we are able to make analogue content accessible to everyone, guaranteeing high fidelity, ease of use and sharing. All supported by the compatibility of the product with the most common cloud services, such as Teams and Zoom.

Scribe automatically enhances the color of the markers in order to make the content readable. It is also capable of detecting other types of non-digital content such as i post-it or other paper-based systems. It also fits any office or classroom and is equipped with everything necessary to be put quickly working.

Logitech Scribe is now available in select markets at a price starting from € 1,299. It is currently compatible with Teams Rooms on Windows and Zoom Rooms. After launch it will also be compatible with Zoom Rooms Appliances. What do you think of this novelty from Logitech? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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