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Loki 2: announced the release date of the MCU series

Loki 2: the second season of which the release date has been announced is getting closer and closer

The release date of the second season of Loki has finally been announced, which will be distributed on Disney+ and which will see Tom Hiddlestone return as the god of deception as the anti-hero of the Marvel multiverse. Surprisingly, but not too much, Kevin Faige has opted to release the series at the same time as Kraven the Hunter, which is now increasingly linked to the Marvel universe and to the productions distributed by Disney +.

The news is today, and it’s official, which gives fans the release date of the new Marvel product and at the same time reveals what could be a rather aggressive marketing strategy by Kevin Feige who does not seem to have chosen the October 6, 2023 for no specific reason.

Loki 2: announced the release date of the MCU series

The release of Loki 2 will correspond to that of a Sony cinecomic

In fact, on the same day that Loki 2 is released, Sony will present its adaptation of the Kraven the Hunter, spin-off of Spider-man which will present an important cast and which is already making fans talk for the way the villain will be represented and for the rating of the film which will be forbidden to minors. A choice, that of Marvel, which could have the dual purpose of slowing down the success of the opponents or of having an excuse ready in case the debut of the new series does not go as planned.

Waiting to finally be able to see how dark Kraven the Hunter really will be and to discover the second season of the Marvel series, we can get a better idea of ​​​​the characters of Loki 2 knowing that he will also return Jonathan Majors, which despite the past legal problems in the last period is expected in numerous productions. We will of course keep you updated on all our channels dedicated to the world of cinema and TV series.

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