Loki season two: what will be his narrative role in the MCU?

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Loki is about to return to Disney+ with the second season and it seems legitimate to ask ourselves this question: what narrative role will Loki 2 have in the MCU? How will it be located? Let’s find out together

Since its announcement in 2018, the Loki TV series has represented great news within the MCU, primarily because for the first time in the franchise the story focuses on a character who until a few years ago was always presented as a villain, or an antihero in some cases, therefore very different from the classic concept of the hero who fights in the name of good. Secondly, why this series would have opened the doors to the Multiverseon which the MCU would base the next phases.

Therefore, he had the important task of best presenting the concepts and rules of this unexplored territory. Loki was instrumental in launching another great macroplot in the cinematic universe, and the series succeeded perfectly in the first seasonexplaining to us in a clear and rounded way how time and parallel universes work, the concepts of variants and modifications to timelines which are called Event Links The second season of Loki will arrive on Disney+ on October 6, and now we will find out how it will integrate into the great Marvel epic.

Loki season two: the narrative role in the timeline

As we said previously, Loki represents the beginning of the new era of the MCU, introducing the Multiverse, so it can be expected that the characters introduced in the second season will be fundamental to the future of the macro-story. The trailer itself gives us hints about which characters will be relevant to the series and also for the entire cinematic universe. Among these we find Ouroboros (OB for friends) played by Ke Huy Quan, who appears to be the technological mastermind of TVAwhich fixes malfunctions and other problems.

There is also a reference to Zaniac, a Thor villain, coming from the Dark Dimension and capable of taking over anyone’s bodies. Finally, Kang returns, played by Jonathan Majors, in the second season returns as a Victor Timely variant (already seen in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania). Particular attention must be paid to the latter.

Loki season two: what will be his narrative role in the MCU?

The prelude to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Victor Timely seems to be the point of interconnection between the second season of Loki and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty to be released in 2026. In this film, in fact, we will see the Avengers clash against a particularly powerful team and not to be underestimated at all, composed of variants of Kang. In fact, returning to Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, we can meet the hundreds, if not thousands, variants of Kang from the Multiverse, who founded a council to declare war on the Multiverse. The threat is gigantic, even bigger than Thanos and the Infinity Stones, but there is a major obstacle that weakens the power of the Kang dynasty, the lack of a fundamental artifact: the time Machine.

This would allow Kang to travel the multiverse, and the inventor of this machine is Victor Timely. the first Kang in history, coming from 1800. The Avengers will most likely have to travel through time again to erase the invention of this artifact from history, hunting down Timely. This hunt will be the central plot point of Loki’s second seasonwords of series producer Kevin Knight.

Loki season two: what will be his narrative role in the MCU?

A walk in time

The first season taught us that Time travel is as easy as drinking a glass of water, if you are in the company of a good TVA agent who has the task of safeguarding the balance of the timelines and avoiding the aforementioned Nexus events (or eliminating them in the worst case scenario). In any case, it is not the first time we have seen time travel, in fact the first one shown in the MCU is the one carried out by the Avengers in Avengers Endgame, through the Quantum Realmto go back to before the snap and bring the Snap’s victims back to life.

Loki could seize the opportunity to better explain how time travel works, making them much more than simple Easter eggs or scenes quoting past films. If in the first season there was no real connection between the various eras, the second season of Loki could instead better clarify the existence and relevance of these parallel realities.

Loki season two: what will be his narrative role in the MCU?

The Multiverse needs precise rules to follow

After the finale of the first season, in which we saw Sylvie (played by Sophia De Martino) eliminate the One Who Remains, thus unleashing chaos and causing the Sacred Timeline to lose balance and creating infinite ramifications and parallel realities, it is inevitable that even more confusion will be created in the saga, making it difficult to maintain coherence in the story that connects all Marvel works. For this there is a need for the unleashed chaos to be controlled with rules, laws and consequencesin order to better manage the Multiverse and avoid creating large plot holes.

If it didn’t, the series would lose its importance as a pivotal role, as did the first Iron Man film in 2008 and we would no longer have a guide that would allow us to understand the direction that the last two phases have taken. If not, the first season would only serve as an introduction to the Multiversewhile the second would have created a concrete and solid connection to the entire MCU, giving us a clear and coherent explanation.

Loki season two: what will be his narrative role in the MCU?

Loki’s Season 2 narrative should create more interconnection

There is another very persistent problem present in Marvel’s serial and cinematographic plan: the interconnection between the works. For some years, in fact, it seems that they have been staggering in total darkness, without there being a tangible connection between the various works, as if there was no longer any interconnection between the films and the series, with the exception of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which is a sequel to WandaVision e The Falcon and The Winter Soldier which serves as a prequel to Captain America: Brave New World.

For the rest, it seems that each work stands alone, as if the cinematic universe was no longer shared. The only one who can solve the problem is himself the second season of Loki. Precisely because in the finale of the first season there were all these ramifications spread throughout the Multiverse, Loki seems to be the only one who can connect all the dots and perhaps return the MCU to its golden age. We remind you that Loki will return on October 6th on Disney+, in the meantime we invite you to follow us on TechGameWorld.com to find out more about Marvel and much more.

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