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LOL 3: Who Laughs Is Out, Amazon presents the new season

After the unexpected success of the first season, and the great response of the second, here is that Amazon Prime announces the return of one of the funniest programs of recent times. In fact, the release of “LOL 3: who laughs is out

The protagonists change but not the rules, even the unchanged conductors who, as judges, will attend the challenge. Fedez on one side, Frank Matano on the other. Ten competitors inside a theater for six hours (plus any extra if needed), with the aim of laugh out loud without falling into temptation.

Waiting for LOL 3: how the first two went

In the most difficult period of recent years, between Covid-19 and quarantine, Amazon Prime Video has aired a unexpected program, named “LOL: who laughs is out”. A real surprise that amazed all users, thanks to the lightness of the program, divided into an episode of about half an hour.

The first season was released on April 21, 2021, in full lockdown, and this allowed a considerable response: ten comedians ready to challenge each other between jokes and improvisations, with the aim of making others laugh, without giving in. The last one not to be eliminated (according to the dynamics of the double yellow card) gets 100,000 euros to be paid to charity.

In the first season they were called known actors and comedians – on the one hand – ed emerging in the sector. The ten challengers were: Lillo (Pasquale Petrolo), Frank Matano, Caterina Guzzanti, Katia Follesa, Luca Ravenna, Fru (The Jackal), Ciro (The Jackal), Angelo Pintus, Elio (Stefano Belisari), Michela Giraud. The new and the old school, between laughter and a lot of comedy. To get the better of everyone was Ciro who won, in the final duel, against Katia Follesa. Conductor and Co-host, on the other hand, were Fedez e Mara Maionchi.

The second season

After the great success of the first season, Amazon Prime did not delay and immediately replicated the success: on February 24, 2022 “LOL 2: who laughs is out” was released. To change the competitors and the Co-host, role entrusted to Frank Matano. The comedians, also in this case, they gave laughter, comedy and great pieces of improvisation. Between new and old school, they were called: Corrado Guzzanti, Virginia Raffaele, Maccio Capatonda (Marcello Macchia), Max Angioni, Mago Forest (Michele Foresta), Maria Di Biase, Gianmarco Pozzoli, Alice Mangione, Tess Masazza, Diana Del Bufalo. D.to the elite of comedy (thanks to the class of Corrado Guzzanti and the many “personalities” of Virginia Raffaele), to the desire to amaze by Max Angioni. Without neglecting the improvisation skills of Mago Forest and Maccio Capatonda. The latter toasted the success thanks to the victory over Virginia Raffaele.

Both editions gave laughs and fun, thus responding to the already high expectations of the American platform.

LOL 3: rules and competitors

An idea born in Japan and acquired – at the same time – by Germany and Italy, to then be extended to other nations as well. A bet that has borne fruit. With the date still to be defined, it is now certain that “LOL 3” is already on the schedule. S.Celts contestants and judgesall that remains is to wait for 2023.

Below, i ten challengers called for the third wave of laughter:

  • Herbert Ballerina
  • Cristiano Caccamo
  • Luca Bizzari
  • Paolo Kessisoglu
  • Fabio Balsamo (The Jackal)
  • Nino Frassica
  • Paolo Cevoli
  • Marta Filippi
  • Marina Massironi
  • Brenda Lodigiani

As for previous editions, everyone will have a chance to laugh at least once. The first time you will receive a warning and the second time a red card, which implies the elimination from the game. In the role of judge always Fedez, also confirmed Frank Matano.

LOL 3: Who Laughs Is Out, Amazon presents the new season

With the date still to be defined, users just have to wait and catch some clues in rete.

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