Lone Echo II officially lands on Oculus Rift

Il trailer di lancio di Lone Echo II che oggi arriva in esclusiva su Oculus Rift thumbnail

Lone Echo II arrives, the highly anticipated sequel to Ready At Down, now exclusively on Oculus Rift. Here is the official launch trailer.

Lone Echo II: from today on Rift

Who he loved Ready At Dawn he’ll be happy to hear that the wait for his sequel is finally over. From today it is in fact possible to play Lone Echo II, exclusively on the platform Oculus Rift. The title is playable Quest and Quest 2 via Oculus Link or Air Link, with a compatible PC VR, for the price of 39,99€.

By purchasing the game, you will also receive a free chassis for your Echo VR avatar. This matches Jack’s new chassis from Lone Echo II, the VEGA X-3. In addition, there is a special launch event, during which it will be possible to unlock special rewards. To get them, you will need to play a public match in Echo VR between 12 October and 26 October.

Players will once again take on the role of Jack, in another captivating adventure alongside Liv. The sequel brings back all the innovative features that made the first installment so popular. Among these there will obviously be zero gravity controls, the sharp graphics and the exciting story. You will have to use a new assortment of tools to overcome the complex challenges and surprising discoveries of deep space.

During the installation of Lone Echo II it will be possible to pass the wait by immersing yourself in the detailed retrospective on the first game. This includes interviews with development team members and a video featurette highlighting many of the game’s most iconic moments.
For those who have not yet had the opportunity to play the first Lone Echo, it is possible to buy both games in a bundle of 43.25 € starting today until 19:00 on October 26th.