Solar Ash: announced the postponement of the release date

Solar Ash, the title produced by the studio of Hyper Light Drifter and Annapurna Interactive, has undergone a postponement of the release date

Heart Machine, the studio behind Hyper Light Drifter, was due to release its brand new adrenaline-pumping game Solar Ash this month, published by Annapurna Interactive (Outer Wilds) and initially born through a crowdfunding campaign. The gameplay shown in February showed how players impersonate the Voidrunner Rei, while “skating” through these biomes. highly risky, inside the black hole called Ultravoid. However, it seems that Solar Ash will have to keep fans waiting a little longer, as the studio has decided to postpone the release date.

The release date after Solar Ash’s postponement

Solar Ash, according to the development team, is set in same universe of the previous title created by the studio, but it is not to be considered a direct sequel to it. With this game, Heart Machine ditches 2D pixel-style graphics, in favor of a more open 3D world, and a third person view of the character. It structures itself in a platform action game, where it will be possible to find submerged cities, vast water areas, dangerous areas full of lava and much more. In the past few days, the developers expressed a desire to see how the speedrunners would “break” the game.

Solar Ash: announced the postponement of the release date

Alx Preston, creative director, has indeed admitted to being a lover of speedrunning, and says he is fascinated by the commitment that players put into finishing games quickly, and the union that can be glimpsed in this community. Now, even the developer of Solar Ash himself will have to wait until the release date of the game, scheduled this time for theDecember 2, 2021, on PS4, PS5 and PC. The motivation behind this was given by the desire to further improve and refine some aspects of the game, for which it seems that a little more time is still needed.

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