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LONGER RAY5 10W: laser cutting and engraving within everyone’s reach

In this article we point out an interesting offer on LONGER RAY5 10W, a very advanced laser cutting and laser engraving machine that is offered at a great price!

The machines for laser cutting and for laser engraving are widely used in the industrial sector for their reliability and precision. In fact, they can cut many materials with high precision and need very little maintenance because they have no parts that rub against objects.

In reality, today it is possible to buy a laser cutting and engraving machine to be used at home, in a small artisan studio or in a small company. One of the most interesting is certainly LONGER RAY5 10W that in this period you can buy in promotion.

LONGER RAY5 10W: a laser cutting and laser engraving machine suitable for everyone

Let’s take a closer look at this device. The dish exposes a useful surface of 400 x 400 mm. With this machine we can cut further 1000 different materials including wood, stainless steel, leather, silver, acrylic, cloth and others. Thanks to the powerful 10W laser beam we can cut quite thick objects. Wood can be cut up to 20mm for example, while acrylic material up to 30mm.

LONGER RAY5 10W: laser cutting and engraving within everyone's reach

And we can do it with extreme precision! Indeed the laser beam has a section of 0.06 x 0.06 mm, less than the average of 0.08 x 0.08 mm. The solid structure and the fine control of the motors also guarantee smooth and continuous movements in order to guarantee high precision.

Controlling LONGER RAY5 10W is within everyone’s reach thanks to the monitor touch integrated directly into the machine. It can also be connected via Wi-Fi or via USB to a device such as a PC or smartphone with a dedicated app to manage your jobs flexibly. You can also transfer projects to a microSD to let the machine work without the PC nearby. By the way: LONGER RAY5 10W is very safe because it is equipped with an anti-fire system with integrated alarm.

There is also extensive support for the most common software for carving such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn and can be used on systems Windows 7+, macOS, Linux. The natively supported file formats are JPG, PNG, BMP, codice G, GIF, SVG, NC, GC and many others. Several machines can also be controlled in parallel.

It is a great tool for customizing objects of all kinds. If you have aor artisan studio or a small company which produces everyday objects for sale, thanks to LONGER RAY5 10W you can offer a customization system to your customers.

LONGER RAY5 10W: laser cutting and engraving within everyone's reach

The promotion

The promotion allows you to purchase this laser cutting and engraving machine a 459 euro instead of 529 which is the list price. The promotion will be valid only until the 15th of August. Also for you who read this article, we provide the discount code “R510WSAVE30” which allows you to save another 30 euros!

Also, by ordering LONGER RAY5 10W by July 31st you can get the 5 W module completely free! If you hurry and you will be in between the first 100 customers you can also receive a Newbie gift worth 39 euros! That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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