longest car in the world beats its own record

L'auto più lunga del mondo batte il proprio record 36 anni dopo thumbnail

L’longest car in the world he has no rivals and for this he had no choice but overcome itself. And the record recorded in 1986 was broken just this year, coming to something like 30.54 meters long.

It all started in California in the 1980s, when the model entered the production chain. The author of this technological prodigy is Jay Ohrberg, known for car customization.

The limousine, chiamata The American Dream (“American dream”) initially measured 18.28 meters, it had 26 wheels and had a pair of V8 engines. Later a 30.5-meter version was built. However, after a short period of notoriety, it was abandoned for years in a warehouse in New Jersey.

The longest car in the world is reborn in 2019

But in 2019, The American Dream was restored and today it shines again. The person in charge of this enterprise is a car collector, Michael Dezer, who has invested more than $ 250,000 in the project.

Among its peculiarities, the longest car in the world it can be guided from both ends. This is because it is built in two sections, both joined in the center by a hinge. His capacity is beyond 75 people.

Its particularity has made this car famous, which was even rented to appear in films. When it comes to luxurythe limousine is unmatched: it offers a water bed, a plunge pool, a whirlpool tub, a bathtub, a mini court golfdifferent televisions, refrigerators and, listen, hear, even a heliport.

“The heliport is structurally mounted to the vehicle with steel supports and can hold a weight of up to five thousand pounds. [circa 2.270 chili]”, According to Michael Manning, who participated in the restoration of the car, on the official Guinness World Record website. The car is now on display at the Dezerland Park Orlando Auto Museum in Orlando, Florida.

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