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Lost Ark: how to level up fast

In this guide, we will provide you with a series of practical tips on how to level up quickly in Lost Ark

If in these days you have decided to start your personal exploration of the MMOARPG title created by Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio, we are here to help you. In the game, recently released by Amazon Games (by the way, have you already tried New World, the company’s online multiplayer title?) There are numerous methods to reach level 50, which, as many players know, allows you to access the end game. So here are some tips on how to quickly level up in Lost Ark.

Class is not water

If you are a beginner with this title you should know that Lost Ark offers players the possibility to choose one of five classes for your character: Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage and Assassin. Based on your style of play, this choice is, predictably, quite important. Each character then begins with a fighter level 10, which will be the character’s individual level.

However, there is also the Roster Level, which represents the level of experience of the group of your characters and allows you to obtain upgrades for each of them. You can increase it by carrying out specific actions (such as collecting Mokoko seeds) but usually you won’t have to worry too much about it, as it will tend to rise accordingly as the level of your individual characters increases.

Lost Ark: how to level up fast

Following the story – Lost Ark: how to level up fast

The first and most classic of the tips on how to level up fast in Lost Ark might seem trivial, but it’s not: follow the main story. In fact, completing the main quests is one of the main sources of experience points to increase the level of your character. If you wish, it will also be possible to skip the initial prologue, although by doing so you will not get the reward item (which can still be exchanged between the various characters).

If you are in a particularly hurry to level, and have already reached level 50 with another character on your roster, you can take advantage of the mechanics of the Power Pass. It allows you to tackle the quest called Adventurers Path, which is practically an abridged version of the main story. Finally, don’t forget that you can take advantage of fast travel to move from one end of the game world to the other and complete the missions assigned to you more quickly.

Lost Ark: how to level up fast

A journey full of dangers – Lost Ark: how to level up fast

In the world of Lost Ark, as in any self-respecting RPG, there are a great variety of beasts to face, and to level up quickly it will be necessary to defeat a good amount of them. However, it is not recommended to jump into the fray every time you cross paths with an enemy, as random fights often don’t generate large amounts of XP. The risk is therefore that of engaging in clashes, perhaps even long ones, without then drawing an adequate reward.

The speech changes instead if you are about to face the target of a quest. The XP points released by the creatures that you will be explicitly asked to eliminate will add up to the reward of the quest itself, making everything much more convenient. In battle, you can also use AoE Damage to exterminate entire ranks of enemies and collect XP, or (given that we are talking about an MMO) it will be possible to collaborate with other players to complete certain objectives more quickly.

Lost Ark: how to level up fast

Make your life easy

This concludes our guide on how to quickly level up in Lost Ark. The last piece of advice we feel like giving you is not to forget the difficulty level of the title. Although, we know well, lowering the game difficulty is not the preferred operation by the vast majority of gamers, if you want to reach the level cap as quickly as possible, a lower difficulty could definitely speed up the process (also because the amount of XP gained is not affected).

What do you think? Have you already reached the coveted level 50 in Lost Ark? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to for all the news dedicated to the world of video games. If you are looking for other MMORPG titles you can also consult our guide on the best titles of this genre coming out in February. To buy video games at a discounted price instead, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming catalog.