Predator Connect X5 5G review: ease of use and top performance

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In this review we closely analyze the Predator Connect X5 5G, a router with a contained design but with more than convincing performance

When it comes to home routers, we always look for the perfect combination between aesthetics, performance e ease of use. A triptych that is not always easy to find but that I got to taste in the router I am talking about in this review. In fact, I had the pleasure of testing the Predator Connect X5 5Grouter from size compact with performances that have really convinced me. Let’s see in more detail how he behaved.

Packaging and unboxing | Predator Connect X5 5G review

Let’s start with packaging, a real business card of a product. We certainly find it a lot cleanse, resistant and with all the most important information about the product. Inside we find the router with its power supply and all the manuals supplied.

Technical specifications

Below is a rundown of the specifications main techniques of this Acer home router.

  • Processor: MediaTek T750 Quadcore 2GHz ARM Cortex
  • Memory: DDR4 1GB
  • Storage: Flash 1GB
  • WiFi: Wi-Fi6 MT7915A / 802.11 a/b/n/ac/ax, 4×4 Dual-band
  • Ethernet: WAN/LAN 2.5GbE x1
  • Interfaces I: 2x external antennas for 5G NR (TS9), NanoSim, USB 3 Type A (Storage), WPS button, pin hole for reset
  • Indicators LED: 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi , WPS, Power
  • Powered at the input: 12V/2A

Design and first installation | Predator Connect X5 5G review

Let’s start talking about the design, which I found particularly interesting. The size are quite a lot containedalso the weight was engineered to guarantee a compact but efficient product. The style can be defined as neutral, not too aggressive and therefore really suitable for any context. There dark matte finish makes the router truly elegant and even the 12V power supply is compact and easily hidden.

The first installation I must say it was truly a child’s play. I connected the power supply to the router and connected the ethernet cable to the port WAN share router. Then I waited for the classic self-configuration minutes and I connected via ethernet cable (to another ethernet port of the router) to my laptop. Then I logged into the site http://connect.acer from which the very easy installation procedure started. First you are asked if the device will be used via connection SIM (important peculiarity which we will talk about later) or by means of VAN as in my case. A change to the password by default and then you can really access one breadth of settings which we will see specifically later.

Main functions | Predator Connect X5 5G review

The most important feature in my opinion, which opens the door to an infinite possibility of customization, is the compatibility with Intel Killer Prioritization Engine. In fact, designed to detect and increase network traffic for specific web site e/o appcome online games. This allows a capillary and targeted traffic management, making it possible to share the band in a intelligent ed efficient.

We mentioned the processor and chipset only in the technical characteristics, but the T750 it is integrated 7nm chipset with radio Integrated 5G and a processor quad-core from 2 Ghz of MediaTek which offers a throughput with a peak Of 4,7 Gbps.

Security and connectivity

Like any self-respecting router too Predator Connect X5 5G offers an already integrated system to offer maximum security to users who decide to rely on it. Trend Micro Home Security Engine it is in fact integrated into the system and allows you to navigate with maximum safety. It is capable in fact of protecting from malware or cyber attacks with IoT Security Protection. In addition, functions are also available from the control panel parental control.

The keystone of this router, or the key reason why I would choose him, is definitely the possibility of connectivity (excusing the pun). The mixture of 5G e VAN offer maximum versatility as well as an alternative in case of failure of one of the two technologies. The individual connections they can then be managed and regulated based on priorities chosen by the user in order to obtain optimal performance in every area.

“Field test” | Predator Connect X5 5G review

To complete the review, before the final conclusions, I want to add some tests that I was able to carry out in a home environment in Wi-Fi and in wired mode. You will therefore find, as the first photo from the left, a speedtest directly from the configuration panel of the Predator Connect X5 5G carried out by connecting directly to the porta Gaming. Then, in the second photo, there is a WiFi test connected to the band 2,4 GHz and the last photo is inherent to a WiFi test connected to the band 5 GHz.

All tests were carried out by connecting the home modem (in which the FTTH Gigabit fiber arrives) to the Predator Connect X5 5G via an Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the router.

Conclusions and prices | Predator Connect X5 5G review

Definitely a mature router with more than convincing performances. There are many aspects that convinced me, starting from the design to the ease of use that made the experience particularly appreciated. A router that we hope will be back soon available on the shelves and that it is rumored that it will be able to do so within a few months.

Surely by following our channels we will let you know as soon as this happens. For now we can only recommend a router that for now may be a whim, but which soon (with the constant expansion of 5G) I am convinced that it will become a must-have in every home or office. What do you think of the Predator Connect X5 5G? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading all the notes to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Differentiation of internet flows
  • Gaming port
  • Integrated security settings

Points against

  • Few ethernet ports available
  • Market availability
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