Lost in Random: behind the scenes to discover art in the game

Il lato artistico di Lost in Random in questo spettacolare dietro le quinte thumbnail

An exclusive behind the scenes of Lost in Random, the award-winning videogame adventure, to rediscover the artistic side of this title.

The backstage of Lost in Random: in the art of videogame

Lost in Random, award-winning and macabre adventure created by Zoink, opens the part to an exclusive behind the scenes. It is a twisted journey, which shows fans all the artistic side of the Kingdom of Alea.

It all comes in the form of an article on EA’s blog, in which the atmosphere is tinged with a delicate mix of fairy tale and gloom. The blog explains in detail how the Zoink team worked. A path that crosses all the variety of thematic concept art to create the beautiful settings of the game.

The team, in the blog, analyzes everything: from the environmental composition, to the creative materials and to the design of the characters. The storyboard is then analyzed, not to forget the slew of artists who inspired them, such as Heidi Smith of Paranorman, in shaping the world of videogames. The complete blog is available at this address.

Lost in Random tells the story of two young sisters: Even and Odd, who find themselves in the hands of the evil Queen and her dark dice. Separated from Odd on her twelfth birthday, Even enlisted the help of Dicey, her nutmate, to cross the lands of the six kingdoms and save her sister. Dicey and Even will face explosive dice battles, which will lead to gigantic board game arenas.

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