Horizon Forbidden West: A video shows Aloy’s new abilities

With a short video posted on social media, Guerrilla Games showed Aloy’s new abilities added in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West

Announced for several months now, the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning Horizon Zero Dawn promises several new gameplay innovations. Over the course of the day, developers Guerrilla Games released a short video on social media followed by an interesting update on the official PlayStation blog. The video shows, in a different context from that of the announcement trailer, the new skills of Aloy present in the next Horizon Forbidden West. So let’s see how it is will evolve the gameplay with these new mechanical.

Show off the new environment interaction skills in Horizon Forbidden West

Strong of an imaginary based on contraposition between environments naturalistic and elements fantascientifici, Horizon has over time become one of the IPs of punta from PlayStation. The game, presented during one of the past State of Play, immediately distinguished itself from the previous chapter, Zero Dawn by adding new mechanics which will make the gamplay more vario It is funny. The new skills added in the next Horizon Forbidden West, planned for the next February, allow Aloy to move around the scenarios in more ways complex. In fact, in the video we see the grappling hook with which to climb to specific elevated points, as well as the new “parachute, which allows you to planar from above.

Horizon Forbidden West: A video shows Aloy's new abilities

Introducing these two elements, will allow (on paper) greater verticality of the gameplay. Furthermore, we assume the possibility of exploit the latter within strategies of combat. As shown in the short video, Aloy can, via the grappling hook, move quickly in height to avoid the engagement of terrestrial enemies, and together attack the same enemies from above. We do not yet know how many and what further will be implications of these new mechanics, we are waiting for more details. In the meantime, we advise you to go to the blog to read the in-depth study of Bo de Vries, Lead Community of Guerrilla.

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