Lost Judgment: here is the total duration and the number of chapters

Lost Judgment, the sequel to one of the spin-off chapters of the Yakuza saga, will last on par with the main series games

After the success obtained with Judgment (Judge Eyes), Sega and the studio Ryu Ga Gotoku have continued with the following episodes, developing in a short time also Lost Judgment. Although at first it seemed like a marginal separation from the chapters with Kiryu, in Lost Judgment the intentions to create something long-lasting as well as different, which deviate from from the exaggerated criminal melodrama, focusing on a deeper plot.

The duration and the chapters present in Lost Judgment

We know that the first game stood out from the main series mainly thanks to the name and the new cast, as well as to some renewed gameplay mechanics, based on the investigation. Lost Judgment instead possesses a personality of its own, and it is more and more easily distinguishable from the Yakuza chapters. However, it seems that some standards of the series still remain: among them, there is the similar duration of Lost Judgment with the previous title and the number of chapters present.

Lost Judgment: here is the total duration and the number of chapters

Lost Judgment has an overall duration that does not change much from the first chapter: it can fluctuate between 20 and 30 o’clock, directly playing only the main story. Also, if you’re a trophy hunter or a sensible completist, you might end up with the reach even 60 hours, finishing most of the side quests. The number of chapters is also in line with the original saga, containing thirteen, each with a different duration and which ends through the Final Chapter.

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