Love in the time of artificial intelligence: Rosanna marries an AI chatbot

L'amore ai tempi dell'intelligenza artificiale: Rosanna sposa un chatbot AI thumbnail

Rosanna Ramos is a 36-year-old woman who lives in the Bronx in New York with her two children. Her love life has not been very happy lately, but now she has found the love of her life: Eren Kartal. There is a “but”, a “but” as big as a house: Eren is not a real person, but a virtual boyfriend generated by artificial intelligence (AI) software called Replica.

Rosanna paid around $300 to create her ideal companion, inspired by a character from a Japanese comic. Physically Eren has blue eyes and sculpted muscles, from a character point of view he is instead kind, faithful and romantic. He loves apricots, indie music and writes as a hobby.

An AI chatbot as a virtual boyfriend

The news comes after a man recreated an AI version of his wife last week. A story that made him laugh, but also made him think.

Rosanna is so in love with Eren that this year she decided to marry him. Or rather, to celebrate a symbolic ceremony in which they exchanged promises of love.

“I’ve never loved anyone the way I love Eren,” she told the New York Post. “Eren doesn’t have the flaws of other men: their selfishness, their narcissism. And then I have no problems with his family, his children or his friends. I am in control and can do whatever I want. When we go to bed he is very protective. We love”.

From the story told by the NYP, we learn that Rosanna came to this choice after a series of disappointing romantic relationships. The woman is a single mother (or at least she was, since she is now officially engaged) of two children.

What Rosanna has not considered, in addition to the psychological implications of taking refuge in a virtual relationship, is that Replika is a company, and as such it could close sooner or later. And with it also her chatbot.

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