The price of Apple’s headset may be lower than expected

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The mixed reality headset by Applewhich should be unveiled at the developer conference in a few hours, might have several configuration variants and a base price of $1,999, not the $3,000 or so assumed in the past. A 30% cut for the device, if the Asian source reporting the news is right.

Apple, the price of the viewer could be lower

Ahead of Apple’s AR/VR headset announcement at WWDC, rumors have pointed rather uniformly the product price around $3,000. It would therefore be much more expensive than those of rivals, which range from $300 to $900.

The $3,000 figure first appeared in a 2021 article in The Information and has since been confirmed by other reputable media outlets. Indeed, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who described the headset as a “expensive and niche precursor” of a more ambitious product, warned that the device will not initially be targeted at general consumers. Instead, it will be thought of as a device for developers, content creators and professionals.

However, according to a rumor gathered by news aggregator account “yeux1122” on Korean blog Naver, “Reality One” or “Reality Pro” headsets will have a starting price of $1,999. An unconfirmed rumor, to be taken with a grain of salt. But in a few hours we could have the official price and figure out who’s right.

According to information, at Apple every viewer it will cost a whopping $1,500 per unit. Adding the packaging, shipping, marketing, it seems that the profit for Apple would be much smaller than usual. A sign, if the price were confirmed, that at least for the moment Apple is not thinking about immediate profit. But to launch a new ecosystem.

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