Luca Argentero protagonista della campagna per Xiaomi 12 thumbnail

Luca Argentero protagonist of the campaign for Xiaomi 12

Luca Argentero protagonist of the campaign for Xiaomi 12 thumbnail

Xiaomi launches a new campaign for the line Xiaomi 12 with protagonist Luca Argenterowith the leitmotif “Dominate the scene “. From the backstage of a film production, the actor shows how to experience the magic of cinema with a special smartphone.

Luca Argentero protagonist of the new campaign for Xiaomi 12

The new Xiaomi 12 campaign starts behind the scenes during a movie. The actor Luca Argentero he has a moment of pause and begins to observe what is happening around him. Wondering what the world would be like if everyone could experience the world of cinema firsthand.

With his Xiaomi 12 Pro in hand, he turns the spotlight on every special moment that his gaze captures. And between ‘pause’ and ‘action’ immerses the audience in a new perspective. By putting others at the center thanks to the cameras of Xiaomi 12 Pro.

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Davide Lunardelli, Head of Marketing di Xiaomi Italia explains the reason behind a major new film collaboration for the group’s smartphone marketing. “After having collaborated with one of the most important film festivals on an international level and with a director of the caliber of Gabriele Muccinowith this campaign we are going to add a piece to our communication strategy.

Thanks to the voice and experience in first person of actor Luca Argentero, we wanted to enhance the extraordinariness of life through the cinematic story, a story that anyone can create thanks to Xiaomi 12 Series “.

The campaign will air on all major television broadcasters in Italy in the formats from 20 and 30 seconds starting from Sunday 8 May. Furthermore, you can see it on Xiaomi Italia channels and in maxi-installations both online and offline. To relaunch this truly top-of-the-range smartphone once again.

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