Halo Infinite welcomes Clippy, the historic icon of Microsoft

La graffetta Clippy di Microsoft arriva su Halo Infinite thumbnail

Clippy office assistant

Remember the (and iconic) paperclip icon that nicely appeared in Microsoft Office documents? If the answer is no, it is because you are simply too young! We’re talking about Clippy, which until 2007 helped Microsoft users find their way around Office documents, and which today will help Halo Infinite players tear apart their enemies. The cute paper clip made its last appearance in Office 2007, only to be removed from subsequent versions after mostly annoyed feedback from users. So today, instead of giving writing suggestions to users, Clippy gives Masterchief destruction suggestions.

Clippy on Halo Infinite: but how?

The paperclip is available as part of the Halo Infinite Season 2 update. Don’t expect too much though, it’s just a cosmetic item. Clippy is in fact available both in the form of a new tag and as a weapon pendant. No advice and suggestions then, but it remains a nice tribute to the historic Microsoft icon.

The second season of Halo Infinite amazed many fans with its size. Fans were initially disappointed with the lack of new content after the release, but now it seems 343 Industries is making up for it. By the end of the summer, the long-awaited co-op campaign will arrive, a mode that is generally a staple for the franchise since launch.

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