Luca: new trailer for the Pixar film

A new promotional trailer has been released for Luca, the Pixar film to be released on Disney + on June 18th

The next June 18 will be released on the Disney + streaming platform Luca, Pixar animated film directed by Enrico Casarosa and set in Liguria, in Portorosso, a small town in the Cinque Terre.

The story will tell the story of the thirteen year old Luca Paguro and his close friend Alberto Scorfano, two kids who hide a huge secret: they are in fact sea ​​creatures from the underwater world which on Earth take on human form. Here they learn the rules of human beings, spending their days between scooter rides, swimming, pasta and ice cream.

A new one was released today trailer with unpublished scenes from the film. You can see it below:

Luca, Casarosa’s Pixar film is a hymn to friendship

As Casarosa recently told IndieWire microphones, the film was inspired by his experiences as a teenager and from his relationship with his best friend since then.

Luca talks about the relationship with my best friend, Alberto. As a teenager I was very shy and kept under a glass jar by my family when I met [Alberto], I found that he was a free spirit and that his family weren’t very present, and he never missed a chance to get into trouble.

The film is intended to be a timely lesson on the need for inclusion and understanding, especially when it comes to growing children like Luca and Alberto. “The other side of being a kid is that you always feel like you are the outsider“Said Casarosa. “My friend and I felt like losers every time we went out. And I love how the sea monster is a wonderful metaphor for feeling different“.