Samsung: official the new Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro series

Korean manufacturer Samsung unveils its new Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro notebooks, focuses on power, elegance, and comfort

Samsung today unveiled the new ones Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Pro 360 e, Galaxy Book. The new generation of Ultraportable PC trying to offer a premium and ultra-thin design, but above all all the power necessary to guarantee all the performances necessary for professional applications.

Designed to optimize productivity, the new series Galaxy Book features cutting-edge mobile innovations, equipped with display AMOLED and an extremely compact design, they integrate perfectly within the Galaxy ecosystem, ensuring a smooth and unified experience. Maximum hardware equipment, with processors Eleventh generation Intel Core e Intel Iris X Graphics Let’s see the details.

Samsung: official the new Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro series

Samsung today announced the Samsung Galaxy Book, let’s start from the basic model. The words of Paolo Bagnoli, Head of Marketing of the telephony division of Samsung Electronics Italia.

In a moment like the present one, where the ability to communicate while remaining connected always plays a fundamental role, Samsung is committed to providing consumers with an elegant device, capable of combining high levels of portability and power that can be functional all day, every day. Galaxy Book is a portable device, offering users premium design, powerful connectivity and performance, all at an affordable price

Galaxy Book

This high-performance model with a premium and ultra-thin design is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure solid and long-lasting performance. Galaxy Book guarantees maximum ease of use even on the move, adapting to the daily activities of users, wherever they are.

Samsung Galaxy Book integrates an 11th generation Intel Core processor and an Intel Iris Xe graphics card, suitable configurations for applications such as photo and video editing with a fast, smooth and easy experience. The device also includes 2 porte USB Type-C, 1 porta HDMI, 1 slot Micro SD, 1 Jack Audio e una security slot. With one thickness of 15.4 mm and a weight of 1.59 kg, Samsung Galaxy Book is thin and light, perfect features for portability. The aluminum body gives rigidity and durability to the product and the elegant premium finish is available in two colors, Mystic Blue e Mystic Silver. Plus, an ultra-thin 5.4mm bezel creates an immersive backdrop for gaming, streaming and internet browsing.

Great for working on the go or in the office. Samsung Galaxy Book comes with a 54Wh battery, which guarantees the freedom to work without worries. Furthermore, the 65W USB-C charger allows you to charge every device in the Galaxy ecosystem with a single cable. Finally, the Intelligent Noise Cancellation function (INC), which excludes ambient noises from the microphone, allows you to always be heard with extreme clarity. Samsung Galaxy Book offers the support you need for any work environment, for any occasion. To complete the technical data sheet support al Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), 802.11 ax 2×2 e Bluetooth v5.1, 8GB o 16GB LPDDR4x, up to 512GB of storage, and a 720p HD definition camera.

Galaxy Book Pro e Pro 360

Over the past decade, Samsung has brought countless exciting mobile experiences to market – new hardware and software solutions, new ways to help people stay connected, and to give them the freedom they need to fully live their lives. The new Galaxy Book series offers a true mobile computing experience for the new connected world, delivering power and portability, limitless connectivity and privileged access to the entire Galaxy ecosystem.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business di Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics unveiled the new Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360, the new generation of ultraportable PCs that combine the performance of a notebook that as Samsung defines, own and share the mobile DNA of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Designed to maximize productivity, enable stunning entertainment experiences and enhance creativity, it will be possible seamlessly connect PCs with other Galaxy products and IoT devices, making the entertainment and productivity experience on multiple devices more and more natural and simplifying people’s lives.

For the Galaxy Book Pro series, Samsung has embraced new possibilities for open collaboration, working together with important partners such as Microsoft and Intel to create a new approach to mobile computing, which sees smooth collaboration between PC and smartphone operating systems, without sacrificing portability. The Galaxy Book Pro series is designed to meet the needs of a multi-device world, leveraging the vast ecosystem of connected services and devices that enhance productivity, creativity and entertainment.

Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Galaxy Book Pro are designed for adapt to the needs and habits of modern mobile-first consumers as mentioned, with the aim of simplifying the experience of daily use, making it more fluid and intuitive than ever. The new PCs are to date the most manageable of the entire Samsung Galaxy Book range, with a weight of only 0.87kg, and, one 11.2mm thick for the 13 ‘Galaxy Book Pro‘. However, compactness does not affect durability: the new PCs guarantee military-grade resistance and have been made in 6000 series aluminum alloy, the same used by the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers.

Thanks then to LTE or 5G connectivity, it can be transformed into the ideal office, into a cinema or into your own conference room, without any interruption. Furthermore, Galaxy Book Pro series is enabled Wi-Fi 6E, to allow users to enjoy greater bandwidth and faster 6GHz connection at home and in the office. The Galaxy Book Pro series can be loaded via a USB-C adapter using fast 65W charging. The Galaxy Book Pro series is designed to reach a new level of entertainment by integrating the most advanced hardware solutions. It is about the Samsung’s first Windows PCs with Super AMOLED displays, which complete the company’s range of devices equipped with this innovative technology: from smartwatches to smartphones, from tablets to PCs. Furthermore, the display is SGS Eye Care certified, reducing blue light output to help your eyes stay fresh throughout your binge watching, even after a long day of work.

The Intelligent Color Engine will then automatically adapt the color space according to the activity: Movies and video games will appear vivid and intense in the DCI-P3 or AMOLED Native color profiles, while for photo editing, which requires more realism, the Galaxy Book Pro series will automatically switch to Adobe RGB. The visual is also enhanced by the clear sound of the AKG speakers. And by activating Dolby Atmos it will be possible to appreciate even more immersive sounds. The Galaxy Book Pro series boasts next-generation hardware, certified for the Intel Evo platform, ensuring a unique balance between power, immersive images, always-on connectivity and long battery life. Samsung has thought of everything for professionalism, also integrating theIntelligent Performance Manager, which cleverly adjusts to your computer location, environment and system load. By automatically modulating fan noise, temperature and battery usage, it balances performance and power consumption, with the aim of delivering a smooth user experience and enabling multitasking throughout the day.

Intel and Samsung deliver innovative experiences designed for mobility, fast connectivity, and advanced performance, helping people realize their potential. With Galaxy Book, Samsung brings some of the best Intel EVO devices to market, introducing a new standard for the PC world

Declare Gregory M. Bryant, Executive Vice President e General Manager del Client Computing Group di Intel

The redesigned Pro Keyboard with a scissor mechanism improves speed and comfort, thanks to large keys and rubber surfaces that offer a pleasant millimeter of key travel in almost complete silence. The keyboard is paired with a 23% wider touchpad which offers more space to scroll through pages or zoom in on details. The preloaded Quick Search feature can scan documents to find keywords quickly, reducing wasted time browsing through folders. The Galaxy Book Pro 360 package includes an improved S Pen, 2.2 times thicker for a more realistic writing experience.

The Galaxy Book Pro series simply integrates with other Galaxy devices, ensuring greater productivity and efficiency. There Second Screen function allows you to expand the display content to Galaxy Tab, per simplify multitasking and improve productivity with Duplicate and Extend modes. In addition, the Link to Windows feature and the Microsoft Your phone allow you to stay focused by participating in calls, checking notifications, opening photos, messages and using up to five smartphone apps at the same time directly from the desktop. All the photos from each device will also be available in one place.

We are excited about this new evolution of our partnership with Samsung. This innovative Windows PC portfolio leverages Samsung’s expertise in developing devices and solutions that promote mobility and connectivity. Together, we’re integrating Windows even deeper into the Galaxy ecosystem to create simple, fluid, and amazing experiences. I am proud of this collaboration which aims to help users stay connected, be more productive, more creative and discover new possibilities thanks to Samsung and Microsoft

Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer di Microsoft.

Finally, we remind you that the Galaxy Book Pro series it also functions as a central hub for the smart home, thanks to seamless integration with SmartThings. With the SmartThings app on the Galaxy Book Pro series, you can turn off lights, change the temperature of a room, or even start a kitchen appliance – all from the comfort of your sofa. With SmartThings Find can quickly locate a paired Galaxy smartphone, tablet or wearable device via Bluetooth, and no longer having to worry about losing a device. Thanks to the complete integration of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, the Galaxy Book Pro series is now the definitive link between all devices, making the digital world completely connected.

Samsung: official the new Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro series


Galaxy Book Pro 360 is available starting today at a starting price of 1,399 € in coloring Mystic Silver e…

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