Lucca Comics & Games: guests and appointments with UNICEF and POW3R

Al Lucca Comics and Games anche anche lo streamer e gamer più famoso d’Italia thumbnail

The 2021 edition of Lucca Comics & Games is now shortly missing, which this year will also see the presence of POW3R, the most famous streamer and pro-gamer in Italy.

UNICEF and POW3R guests of Lucca Comics & Games 2021

There will be also UNICEF Italia at Lucca Comics & Games, event for which tickets are still available. In fact, just a few months ago, UNICEF launched U-Report Italy, a digital online survey platform. The initiative, which counts in the world 18 million users (called U-Reporters) in 88 countries, is designed specifically for the youngest (between 14 and 30 years old). These can register anonymously and for free for make their voices heard, express ideas, give strength to their opinions.

The under 30s would be the most affected by the restrictions of the various lockdowns. And UNICEF therefore tries to give a voice to whoever it wants seeking comfort in a shared passion, to be able to live together even at a distance: videogames. To start talking about it and collecting stories, anecdotes and points of view, a Lucca Comics & Games a collaboration is born between UNICEF and Giorgio Calandrelli aka Pow3r. The latter is a streamer (as well as pro-player) among the most famous in Italy.

Giorgio Calandrelli aka Pow3r

There are two appointments, both set for Saturday 30 October:

  • From 10:45 am to 11:20 am, live on the Lucca Comics & Games Twitch channel, a first meeting with Pow3r will be held. This will be done by Studio Streaming at theAtelier Ricci of Lucca.
  • From 15:30 to 16:30 we move instead to the T.Giglio Theater. Here a special event will be held that will see Pow3r talk with the Director of UNICEF Italy Paolo Rozera, flanked by Emilio Cozzi, journalist and videogame culture expert.
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