YouTube Kids: i video troppo promozionali saranno demonetizzati thumbnail

YouTube Kids: Overly promotional videos will be demonetized

YouTube Kids: Overly promotional videos will be demonetized thumbnail

New york, USA – July 5, 2018: Youtube for kids site on laptop screen background close up view

Monetizing YouTube Kids videos will be more difficult. In fact, you will need to adhere to stricter guidelines to be eligible for monetization of children’s videos. The confirmation came directly from YouTube which, in these hours, has announced an important change of course for the version of the service dedicated to younger users. For partner channels that do not follow the new guidelines, action will be taken. Partners may register suspension from the video monetization program.

The policies for monetizing videos on YouTube Kids change

YouTube announced with an official blog post a change to monetization guidelines videos on YouTube Kids. According to the company, in fact, the new policy aims to discourage creators of content for children from publishing videos that are too commercial or promotional.

At the same time, video making will be discouraged they will encourage negative behavior or attitudes. The changes announced by YouTube are very clear and aim to defend users from targeted behavior by creators.

Possible suspension from the monetization program

Channels that focus heavily on content judged to be of low quality (because it is too promotional for example) will risk the suspension from the monetization program. For more details on the matter you can take a look at official YouTube blog.

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