LucidSound LS10X review: practical and affordable gaming headphones

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I gamers they know it well, a good one sound sector is essential for the success of a good video game and there is no better way to enjoy it than with an equally good pair of headphones. In all this he comes to our rescue LucidSound, a young audio peripheral company purchased in 2020 by PowerA. On the occasion of the arrival of the new Xbox console, LucidSound has launched a series d on the marketi cuffie da gaming dedicated to players its Xbox e PC. Among these we find the LucidSound LS10X and this is our review.

Our review of the LucidSound LS10X gaming headset

the LucidSound LS10X they are cuffie da gaming simple but effective that promise a remarkable gaming experience at a more than competitive price. Let’s find out more.


the LS10X are wired headphones with one more than classic style but no less elegant. A nuance of blacks and dark grays characterizes the pavilions and the solid plastic structure. I’m very comfortable to wear, thanks to lightweight materials and a fair amount of padding on the pavilions and also on the headband that rests on the head. These features, combined with the weight of just 256g, make them very light so as not to weigh you down during longer gaming sessions.

The headphones come with a 3.5mm inlet jack which makes it compatible for Xbox, to attach to controller, but also PCs, smartphones and tablets. The dual microphone system includes a removable and flexible microphone with a red LED that indicates when the microphone is muted. In the headphones there is also a internal microphone which works when the removable is not present. This is a more effective solution for smartphone calls rather than in-game use. When the external microphone is not present, you can insert a handy silicone plug, included in the package, to cover the entrance and prevent it from filling up with dust.

I pavilions offer remarkable comfort, thanks to the copertura in memory foam, and mount a 50 mm speaker. The right pavilion doubles as Quick-Access Controls. In short, it allows you to raise and lower the volume simply by turning the outer part. By clicking it instead, you can change the microphone. These are simple but quick controls that hide perfectly in the design of the headphones.

Audio quality

Moving on to the more technical side the LucidSound LS10X boast Windows Sonic surround sound quality. We are faced with a technology designed specifically to guarantee immersive surround sound on Xbox being a headset made under Official License for Xbox Series X |S. The speakers, we recall from 50 mm, also ensure deep bass and crisp highs.

The double microphone guarantees a remarkable recording quality, far from professional microphones but perfectly in line with the types of headphones and above all considering the price of these (which we will see later).

Our test of the LucidSound LS10X

During our test we tested the LucidSound LS10X practically everywhere and we were delighted with their adaptability. Although they are designed to work best on Xbox Series X|S e Xbox One, we used these LucidSounds on PC, its Smartphone, its Tablet, its Nintendo Switch and even on an older one Nintendo DS. The headphones worked great on all devices. The length of the cable, just over a meter, is in fact suitable for using headphones on a portable console or attached to the controller. If used on a PC, it can be quite short especially if the case is not really close at hand.

With the LucidSound LS10X we have played both casual video games and the most competitive video games and challenging. For the latter, the surround effect proves more than useful to understand the movements of the enemies and predict their positioning. In this regard, the audio controls have proved to be very effective, fast and super intuitive: acting directly on the outside of the pavilion is very simple as well as fun.

The versatility of headphones is reflected not only in compatible devices, but also in the variety of uses. The quality is optimal not only with video games but also with music, movies and TV series. A pair of headphones for all entertainment.

Prices and availability

To complete everything we have said, the price of this model of headphones takes care of it LucidSound: 37,99€. The headphones are now available on Amazon or the official LucidSound website.

The LucidSound LS10X review in a nutshell

These LucidSound LS10X particularly impressed us. Versatility, immediacy and ease of use are the main features which, combined with excellent audio quality, as well as excellent value for money, make them perfect headphones for gamers.

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